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    Interesting(ish) Sam Hill Pietermaritzburg Fact!

    Okay blatant nerdism here, but just looking at the recent results from South Africa and its interesting to note for those of you who may be writing Hill off again this year that he was actually closer to winning this years event than any of the previous rounds held in South Africa. Okay he...
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    Pietermaritzburg - 2012 WC DH#1

    Not so much 'trying'. Brendan used to be on clips full time back in the day. More 'getting reaquainted'.
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    2012 Demo With Double Barrell - Thoughts?

    Just wondering if anyone's had any time on the new demos that come with the cane creek? Just wondering how well it works with the spesh suspension and any comparisons with the same bike using a vivid? Ive heard the double barrel works best with the more linear suspension designs so just...
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    So.. Aaron Gwin and the dh/mx crossover..

    Firstly that the top level amateur thing came from an interview with Gwin himself in dirtmag a few years back. And secondly, only a few people seem to have got that I am NOT questioning whether MX helps in DH, or whether Gwins success is down to him racing MX previously, just interested to...
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    So.. Aaron Gwin and the dh/mx crossover..

    And just to be clear I'm not wondering whether MX helps in DH, I think the answer to that is pretty clear. More whether if another 10 average (in relative terms!) MXers crossed over into DH they would do the same as Gwin. The more I think about it the more I think that they wouldnt.
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    So.. Aaron Gwin and the dh/mx crossover..

    But that was my point with Palmer, if what youre saying is true, then Palmer should've cleaned up in DH aswell, and thats what I felt was interesting, as I said in the original post because at first I just felt like a guy who hadnt done anything special in MX doing what he's done in DH was kinda...
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    So.. Aaron Gwin and the dh/mx crossover..

    Cheers for the input. I think the definition of dumb is reading a topic you think is dumb and then posting on it.
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    So.. Aaron Gwin and the dh/mx crossover..

    Okay so here's something I've been thinking about this year as the world cup season unfolded.. Aaron Gwin quits mx turns up to his first world cup race 3 years ago and gets in the top ten straight off the bat, fast forward to this year and he has pretty much made a mockery of the rest of the...
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    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    Apologies if this has already been covered, but I did a search and couldnt find an answer. Basically will a bos stoy go straight on an 09 sunday or do you need a new link? I know a new link was required with the older sundays to fit the bos, just not sure about the 09 as there seems to be alot...
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    Evil Bikes - Bromont Team video

    Best team video I've seen, good work fella..
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    Izimu Riders?

    I had an 08, excellent bike in many ways. Build quality was second to none in my opinion. I had the same issue with wallowing, I had the shock tuned by TF as apparently he said this was a common trait with the 08 dhx, anyways the shock was reshimmed and in terms of suspension the thing ripped...
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    Morewood's Mbuzi

    Any idea on the weight of the Mbuzi compared to the Shova ST? I'm also looking into one of these frames:brows: Cheers.. Si..
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    My new 08 Morewood Izimu

    Thanks mate, much appreciated, I might start a seperate topic and throw a few of her other shots up to get some more suggestions, she's really enjoying it and pretty keen for advice.. Si..
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    My new 08 Morewood Izimu

    Hey Steve! Nah I'm not doin Hopton mate, gashed me leg up pretty bad a few weeks ago so gonna sit it out I think. Next race I do now I'll be racing the old men! Haha. Will have to sort some riding out over winter, maybe a few weekends up North Wales riding my tracks with the rest of the...
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    My new 08 Morewood Izimu

    Its a Morewood free for all! The white one dont do it for me I'm afraid, and wow, those bars are high! Anyway, a few more riding shots that my girlfriend took.. Again comments or suggestions welcome on the pictures..
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    My new 08 Morewood Izimu

    Haha no worries sweet ride, I think mine looks better though eh! Nah only kidding, enjoy it.. Will put some more riding photos up when I get chance. Si..
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    My new 08 Morewood Izimu

    www.derryaircycles.co.uk And yea, hones cos theyre light, strong enough for me and a good price, I didnt really see any reason to spend more. Cheers for all the comments, I'll get a few more riding shots up later. I am really pleased with it, nice and simple but rides so good, Ive been on...
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    My new 08 Morewood Izimu

    Haha yea I'm in England, and yea I do ride at Cannock Chase but that shot was taken at Cheddleton Heath in the Peak District! Spooky how you said that though!
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    My new 08 Morewood Izimu

    Just thought I'd share a pic of my new Izimu as I had a few queries with the build that you guys helped me out on so thought I'd return the favour with a tasty new bike shot.. And a nice riding shot to go with it aswell.. My girlfriend took the photos, shes just getting into...
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    2008 morewood izimu

    I have an 08, set in the slackest position with a 300 spring (I should really run a 350) and Ive had no issues with rubbing at all? And Ive bottomed the thing out regularly so perhaps its a problem that has been sorted, I know mine was one of the last batches of 08s to be made. On a side...