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  1. johnbrittain

    made my own DH frame... check it out

    nice... lets get some more action shots
  2. johnbrittain

    easton DH?

    if you have the option, just go with an integrated stem, some ppl dont like them but i like it, even with shims my bars stay stiff and dont budge at all.
  3. johnbrittain

    Slow or fast, stiff or soft suspension

    i personally like to run with a bit of sag, a couple inches of really soft compression, and i like my shock set to ramp up real fast on the last few inches of travel. my rebound is setup sort of fast, not too fast to buck me if i case, and fast enough to keep up with bumps at higher speeds. this...
  4. johnbrittain

    DH frame ideas?

    degoose, you let banshee rider talk about whatever he feels the need to talk about bike related at this site, if you have a problem take it somewhere else please, and novatt, is there anything more childish you could possibly be wasting your time on than thinking up pity insults and translating...
  5. johnbrittain

    DH frame ideas?

    hey how about we stop this ranting before a mod steps in and just removes this whole thread? if you have an answer to crazybiker300's question, then fantastic, answer it. this is a biking forum, not a place for everyone else to have to watch you guys bitch at each other. nuff said
  6. johnbrittain

    DHR question....

    actually thats what i was just about to post on, you beat me to it...
  7. johnbrittain

    DHR question....

    good deal. i really wanted to get a turner to begin with but was talked out of it for some odd reason. If you know anyone who is looking for a v10 in great condition send a pm my way. thanks, jb
  8. johnbrittain

    DHR question....

    This season i rode an '05 V10 and liked it, but college is coming and other expenses too. Ive been looking into a DHR but really wanted to know how they felt as far as small bump sensitivity and how well they still soak up the big hits.i looked at a couple threads but wanted to hear from any of...
  9. johnbrittain

    Thinking about replacing my bike

    word to the wise, dont fVck with fuji, my friend trashed two fuji frames in less than a month, on just street riding and stuff like that. no offense to any fuji owners, but those bikes are shabby stuff.
  10. johnbrittain

    Poll: Do you want thespackler banned?

    A WITCH! A WITCH!.... ....BURN HER!
  11. johnbrittain

    whats with these kids

    I used to be a grom kid that hung around a lbs and bought stuff off the internet, but that was simply because all the shops around had terrible prices, but after a while i grew on the shop and eventually got a job there for a little while and stopped buying everything online. just give 'em time...
  12. johnbrittain

    The Tire Thread

    mionion 2.5 slow reezay front and rear, usually mobsters as an ''in between tire'' for riding when i'm not racing. when it gets real slippery or maybe when i'm doing the old alpha course at angel fire i'll run michelin 2.8's fr & rr.
  13. johnbrittain

    BCD Inedible?????

    no more inedibles EVER???? that sucks alex, i was thinking about getting one next season! pm me with some kind of sketches/pics of this new g-box design when you make them, i am kinda wishing that i had gotten an inedible now instead ofmy v-10. edit: i heard that seth is moving back to...
  14. johnbrittain

    Suggestions for getting a stripped bolt out

    if the bolt head sticks out a bit further than thesurface of the stem, then you could dremmel it and use a flathead screwdriver, and if the bolt is flush witht he stem or is sunk in a bit then use a hacksaw/dremmel to cut the bolt in half where the stem has that cut in it so it can tighten...
  15. johnbrittain

    Chainguide on M3 frame

    i'd go e13, just my opinion
  16. johnbrittain

    Stolen BCD---Keep your eyes open---

    WERD. 'hope jeff's bike isnt too jacked up. btw, keep us up to date on this stinkboy.
  17. johnbrittain

    ~ next weekend Cloudcroft New mexico DH 2005! come on down CO/TX riders!

    i can officially say i'll be there, alex, i also noticed you had the road gap pic grouped with all the sport pics, is this part of the course for sp/ex/pro now, or still just ex/pro. no matter because i finally bumped up to jr ex., i was just curious, and is it still the same setup as last year...
  18. johnbrittain

    bought my first real MT bike

    thats cool man, i'm glad to see another addition to RM, welcome...
  19. johnbrittain

    Help finding new bike

    I'd go with the M3 from Intense wtih a custom set-up from go-ride. probly XTR with fox 40, the expensive one, deemax, an avy, and carbon bars/post. hopes for the brakes. :rolleyes:
  20. johnbrittain

    Just a "I'm curious question"

    i also like mine fairly high up, just enough so if i am not sprinting i can sit and still comfortably but pedal faster.