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  1. MtbFreeride

    Stevens Bike Park??

    Has anyone heard any updates on the Stevens Pass Bike Park recently? It seems like its been a while since anyone posted anything about it...
  2. MtbFreeride

    Moving to Bellingham

    Seattle's gas prices are far from being the lowest. I was just on the east coast and saw gas at one station for $3.83 and when I came back over here the cheapest was $4.27. We have a lot more taxes on gas than most states. BTW, I also have my summerstart date on August 8. So if you decide on...
  3. MtbFreeride

    Moving to Bellingham

    I'm still trying to figure out what I'm gonna study. But it's gonna be my first year at WWU so I still got some time to do that. Definitely PM me when you get up to the area...
  4. MtbFreeride

    Moving to Bellingham

    I'm starting school in B-ham in September. Always looking for people to ride with.
  5. MtbFreeride

    Bellingham vs. Eugene vs. Seattle

    WWU. Best riding and, in my opinion, best education. It is the smallest of the three schools and BY FAR the most undergraduate focused. 94% of the students are undergrad.
  6. MtbFreeride

    Official PA Shuttler Thread

    Thanks to ODS, the trail builers, and everyone else who helped out with the shuttle day...fun day
  7. MtbFreeride

    Shock set up

    If you are doing freeride/downhill you should have about 25-30% sag
  8. MtbFreeride

    SST pics 1/20

    those are really great pics! What camera were you using?
  9. MtbFreeride

    A Prayer to the Galbraith Gods

    nice bike and sweet pics!
  10. MtbFreeride

    what is the Best Resort....

    Mt Washington
  11. MtbFreeride

    Stevens Pass Bike Park Update

    Yes! Crank It Up and A-Line are two of my favorite trails! Thanks for doing this
  12. MtbFreeride

    SST Riders Thanks

    healing vibes dude
  13. MtbFreeride

    SST Riders Thanks

    I overshot a stepdown and fractured my collar bone there a little over a month ago. Thanks to everyone who helped me out also.
  14. MtbFreeride

    SST, 25 or 27 next wednesday

    I'll go ridin when my collar bone heals. I'm probably gettin a 66 rc2 eta on Friday.
  15. MtbFreeride

    Whistler in August...whos going?

    I'll be up there with a few friends August 10-14. I'm always looking for new people to ride with