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    Is Arkansas Central US?

    Alot of the dallas and arkie riders race at the fat tire fest. Good times, Dh isnt really a DH course, but its fun. Apparently the XC is an amazing race, always a **** load of riders
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    Hayes Brake Problem

    Not upside down, but after checking the mount is not a Boxxer mount, its the 74-25 instead of a 74-22. Appologies those who helped...cheers
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    Hayes Brake Problem

    again I am pretty sure I have the right boxxer specific mount, but I will check again
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    Hayes Brake Problem

    pretty sure that it is the right one.
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    Hayes Brake Problem

    OK so I have an 05 Boxxer Race and I am trying to mount hayes mag to it. Heres the problem, with a 203mm rotor it doesnt grab it all of the rotor, nly about 2/3 of it. I have the boxxer specific mount. What else is going wrong here?
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    Low profile upper body armor

    Ditto, and mine has saved my upper body a few times to say the least.
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    New to the area

    By easton and garland road, near whiterock lake. Pretty close to you. I have emailed you.
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    New to the area

    Moe, there are a few of us that ride long travel bikes here in dallas. We are planning a trip to Cass Arkansas on the 10th of March. Hit me up if you are interested. We usually do an out of town trip once a month. Where in the metro mess are you?
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    Urban riding Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and Corpus Christi

    Planty of really solid skate parks in Dallas/FTW as for dirt we have had so much rain lately that there has been only a day or two in the past few weeks where anything was ridable.
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    - - 2007 bcd - -

    Damn I want one.
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    Ironhorse Yakuza Aniki

    I have one for freeriding (its supposed to be my wifes DH rig), changed out the fork and shock (I2I is 9.0 and I just put a 5th element on it). Pedals are **** but do the trick to begin with. Get one if you are looking for a strong, cheap bike grab one. I think mine was together for about 900...
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    Urban/dj Tires

    Halo twin rails, I used to run them when I was riding street and DJ's, I ran 2.1's on my kona, lighter and they are grippy as hell.
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    Anyone want to buy a mountain biking holiday in France for next summer?

    I won it as a prize at Final Descent this year and I am not going to be able to afford to fly there as I already have one trip planned. It is a 7 night stay with guided rides everyday and breakfasts and dinners included. The best bit it is in the french alps. Its Valued at in between 440-585...
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    Keystone Schedule Question

    Sitll waiting for you to give me a copy of all the footage from that trip.
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    question about some parts...

    I have just put a %th element on my wife aniki, made a huge drifference plus i changed out the fork for the 170mm sherman single crown with the 1.5 steerer tube. The bike is plush as now.
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    Hawaii's Newest

    Do it, one of the greatest trails I have ridden.
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    How are the trails @ Cass?

    Clifty, we were talking about building a bridge drop type thing over the log at Cass next time we get out there. It wouldnt take much, probably with a few people maybe half an hour.
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    lotsa texans at final decent, tell us some stories.

    Nice film work there,looks great although that must have taken ages to edit. You even got some of the Dallas boys in there, cheers for that.
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    Try and pick up a used long travel fork, I just got a Sherman 170/130mm single crown for pretty cheap (although it was a 1.5 steerer tube). Ebay is a good bet, probably something around 150mm for $200. I rode a hardtail for a long time and it sure helps your riding when you go to a squish.
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    lotsa texans at final decent, tell us some stories.

    Damn thats one sexy bitch.