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  1. Wilson10

    what bike?

    I'm looking for recommendations for my new 4 yr old beginner. :) He has been flying around for two years on his strider and is ready for a pedal bike. I want something he can learn on and lightweight but also grow into for a year or so. Anyone with any advice is appreciated. Thx
  2. Wilson10

    SC Blur vs. RM ETSX-70

    Im looking to buy either a Blur or an ETSX-70. Need some advice on which to buy. Ive heard some negative feedback about the blurs rear end. Poor mud and tire clearance, and the long sluggish chainstays. Ive also heard some bad things about paint chipping and stuff like that. As for the...
  3. Wilson10


    You wont be disappointed with Fire XC's. I wasnt a believer either till i broke down and bought a set of my own. Theyre a great all around tire.
  4. Wilson10

    Mountaincross/dirt jump Track

    Sorry guys, Clinton is located about 20 minutes north of Knoxville. Im still looking for a frame and fork. I've been lookin at the Azonic Evolution II. Anybody have any experience with this frame? I may hold you guys to helping us out with the constuction of this thing. It's...
  5. Wilson10

    Mountaincross/dirt jump Track

    Well, Ive layed out my very own track on our 50acre farm. Ive only mowed out the path and set where my jumps will be. LOTS of work is still yet to be done with a bobcat like moving dirt for jumps and berms. I'm building it around our old ABA BMX track we had back in the early 90's. Its all...
  6. Wilson10

    Squeaky Disc

    What if my pads are uneven?? The rear ones are just barely off. Could this be the sorce of my problem?
  7. Wilson10

    Squeaky Disc

    Thanks for all the advice guys. My front is quiet, and my rear one is definetly fading. Just a "brake in" period looks like.
  8. Wilson10

    Squeaky Disc

    they are brand new XT discs. Could they just need braking in?
  9. Wilson10

    Squeaky Disc

    Whats the best thing to fix my brake noise? My rear squeaks like a cat on crack.