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    Quietest brake pad

    Kanter, I'm running the Aztec pads with my Hayes Blacks and they're stealthy silent. (kind of) at least they don't squeal. If you're running brand new pads, i'd give them some time to wear in, also maybe give them a bath with some 70-90% iso alchohol and your discs, that will wash away...
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    Bike Nerds Rejoice

    ^That's the prototype of those heelie shoes This is kinda cool: All electric and USB compatible, yay a plug and pray motorcycle with fox forx. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/electrobike/zero-x-electric-motorcycle-is-fast-eco+friendly-usb-compatible-285995.php
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    Should i want a Shiver over getting my 888sl rebuilt?

    I've got extensive time with both the Shiver and the 888 RC, the 888 tracks better and has much better damping. The Shiver is awesome, just more "primitive" damping, and the fork twists if you look at it wrong the integrated stem fixes this problem though. Saying that, I don't have...
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    Bike Nerds Rejoice

    Bring some Duracells ;)
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    Bike Nerds Rejoice

    Something I think about is that quite a few auto makers who went drive by wire=fail, but then again never doubt Japanese Ingenuity. Me? I ride single speed lol.
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    Bike Nerds Rejoice

    This is sweet, I wonder if it's wireless? Heck they make wireless HDMI these days, why not wireless DH Bike shifters? Reference: http://gizmodo.com/5031800/shimanos-all+electric-gear-system-is-like-f1-paddle-shifters-for-your-bike
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    So where is the "North Shore" anyway?

    North Shore (Vancouver) is in North Vancouver (imagine that.) Get a map, find the trans canada highway Go North on the Transcanada Highway, over the Burrard Inlet, voila, you are now on the North Shore. For beginner freeriders I suggest Mt. Seymour, Trail, CBC. This is a great...
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    Balfa BB7

    About the pully: You should contact Appalache Cycles and see if they might be able to provide pullys for the older BB7s, the 2008 "BB7" is now called the Appalache Real, that is a combination of the BB7 and the Balfa 2-Step. http://appalachecycles.com/
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    Kona Bikes = cool, there's better bikes on the market, although they probably cost more. The only thing I don't like about Kona is that their warranty is only one year on the frames. If you're looking for a similar bike, the Banshee Wildcard has a 10 year guarantee on it, I ride a Banshee...
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    feet slipimg off pedals

    Some pedals are no good, get these pedals:
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    40lb post! DH/FR Rigs around the 40lb mark! tips, pics, specs

    Hey Kanter, is that a Wrangler Unlimited? Those get good reviews for offroad stuff, although kinda janky on-road, what's that now like 5 vehicles? I guess BFG is making new mud-terrain tires and maybe all-terrains for 2008. Also, that Intense is sick, hope you healed well from you injury!
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    Lol, yah the Black bike with blue ghost flames and sparkles, that bike seriously had the best geometry for me, rode like a dream, just wasn't quite durable enough for me. I had Risse Trixxy forks and Jupiter shock on it.
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    I got a used Spooky Motorhead back in the day, it was pretty sick although the frame bent when I went off a drop like the 3rd day I had it, I really like Spooky stuff and FTW is the awesome welder... he went on to start doing the stuff for Sinister which probably worked better for him because...
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    2008 Spyder MTB products

    Spyder makes the ultimate yuppie ski gear, so that stuff is probably super tech. Cool gear.
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    Gotta have Faith

    I was seriously thinking about getting a Giant Faith for 2008, then I see on the Giant Website that they don't have the Faith anymore, it was replaced with the Reign, the Reign is a cool bike, although it doesn't look strong enough for serious freeride applications with dual crown forks, and the...
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    Avalanche vs. CCDB

    That a funny quote, you could do the same thing with a properly tuned first generation fox shock. I think that the Avalanche probably has the best big drop performance on the market that I could think of, the only disadvantage is the weight of the shock, that's why I advise the titanium...
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    new banshee dh frame

    I spoke with the Banshee guys about the issues with the Screams and most of the breaking happened at the shock basement where most of the stress on the bike is, when they made the 2007 Scream, they re-did the welds near the BB, I haven't heard of a 2007 Scream breaking yet, although I have gone...
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    Avalanche vs. CCDB

    Avalanche has proven durability, I think my Avalanche shock is like 4-5 years old and it's still running strong, one thing is you should get it rebuilt every year, like most moto-x shocks it is nitrogen charged, and nitrogen requires a recharge about once a year depending on your riding level...
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    new banshee dh frame

    Yah, Banshee's quality is great, plus per bansheebikes.com Wildcard- "We are working on a new custom 7005 tubeset with Easton Sports." so they use good quality materials also. All the dudes there=cool.
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    Spokane? Thinkin about moving there.

    Spokane is a working class city, and also has quite a college population, it's great for younger people trying to get a start because the cost of living is not that bad and there's quite a variety of different places to work, and education potential. The bike riding is more XC, and freeride...