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  1. crohnsy


    Probably better to send him a PM about it...
  2. crohnsy

    Fox Doss 2013 seatpost

    Thats what a drill is for.....
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    Cavendish to Team Sky for 2012

    Are there any pics or vid of him doing this?
  4. crohnsy

    New Yeti trail bike dubbed the "SB-66"

    How long did it take to design the chainstay protection?
  5. crohnsy

    Mountain shoes with road pedals

    FYI just did a google search for Time cleat cover... Time makes a "cafe cleat" with rubber pads on the cleat for grip... So thats an option for you..
  6. crohnsy

    Mountain shoes with road pedals

    You cant use mtn shoes with road cleats... Not sure what shoes that ih8rice is thinking of. Look makes cleat cover for their cleats... I would guess Time does as well but I don't know as I never really sold Time road pedals... Edit: I guess he could be thinking of the entry level shimano...
  7. crohnsy

    2007 Spec Stumpjumper FSR linkage bolt

    Found @ Specialized.com and click the support link http://service.specialized.com/collateral/ownersguide/english-new/assets/pdf/FSR---2006-SJ-FSRxc-FSR-Manual-FSR-Manual.pdf
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    Lots of non-Maxxis tires at Ft. Bill

    Schwalbe must have a really good photo bonus.....
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    Putting a flatbar on

    No possible way for you to measure it? regarding the bar size on the hardrocks its actually 25.4 on some models of hardrock and 31.8 on others. Depends on the model really. Same thing with your Rockhopper. I believe the base '06 was 25.4 and as you moved up they switched to 31.8. Really...
  10. crohnsy

    I made some chainstay protectors.. comments?

    It was so much incentive, Santa Cruz, Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Devinci and I'm sure others all had to go back in time and and release theirs before Weagle 'invented' his
  11. crohnsy

    Over 25% Wrestlemania VII performers R dead

    Macho Man saved us from the rapture!
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    How much is your team kit?

    Sounds more like a club than a team to me. My team kit was free.
  13. crohnsy

    Another bb compatibility question....

    You shouln't have any compatibility issues with your setup if you are using X-Type Race Face cranks. If you are using the older isis or square taper cranks then you will have to buy new cranks.
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    Bike Appraisals for Insurance

    Getting insurance for the new house I just bought.. Asked about coverage for my bikes and my quote came back @ $7.50 per $100. At that rate I would almost need my bikes to get stolen every year....... Still waiting to hear back if they are covered under my normal contents in my home..
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    RaceFace closing?

    I thought it was red rum not ruby red?
  16. crohnsy

    Best time of year!

    What I thought was going to be a quick build in January has dragged on a little longer than I had hoped... Arione is temp until Toupe Carbon comes in and have finally picked new pedals in Keo Blades. After all the waiting, I'm pretty pleased with how the build turned out...
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    Official 2011 Road bike rides pic thread

    99% complete on my new Tarmac... Need a new saddle and pedals..
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    BAM! its in the shop!

    He'd have too.... Its his boss' :thumb:
  19. crohnsy

    fair warning.....