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  1. wil_e123

    GoPro mounting styles

    I have mounted mine in pretty much the usual places already stated in the thread... i find that for moto, using the helmet mount is good (e.g. on top of the helmet visor) such as here: MX Honda Park on Vimeo , but for dh, the angle really makes things look flat and smooth (when it might in...
  2. wil_e123

    Letting Off the Brakes and Gaining Confidence

    haven't read through the thread so I don't know if it's been said yet: for me, one of the best ways to get confidence on the runs I normally ride on is to get someone faster than you to go in front of you down the run, an try to stick to them as best as you - reasonably - can... Bear in mind...
  3. wil_e123

    Val Di Sole World Cup - Live Thread

    is that a cut e13 bashguard I see there? And what about the top of the chainguide, modded e13 lg1? Pretty nifty setup right there. Looks simple and light at the same time...
  4. wil_e123

    Champery World Cup - Live Thread

    Couple of shots from race day on my flickr (really very very few keepers out of all the shots i took; the conditions were sh*te to shoot in, and wasn't equipped as well as the big dogs a la Sven Martin, Victor Lucas and co.): 'Gwin' on Flickr - Photo...
  5. wil_e123

    DH riding near Holland?

    You can easily take trains over to Belgium (and Germany for that matter). There's a brand new bike 'park' - if you can call it that - in Belgium that is fast becoming the best on offer, called Bike Park Ferme Libert in Malmedy. Short runs (only 2 really), but it has a small ski lift system, so...
  6. wil_e123

    Fort William World Cup - Live Thread

    Working for me now! Peaty in the commentary booth for a chat with Rob. sick.
  7. wil_e123

    Fort William World Cup - Live Thread

    having some problems here in Belgium as well. First Freecaster wasn't responding to any clicks, and now i've got a 500 error (server down). fantastic.
  8. wil_e123

    My first gopro vid - Todtnau, Germany

    For thos who find the camera a bit shaky when it's clipped in, you can fix it by using the small orange piece of rubber that (should) come in the helmet hero HD box, it's a small piece of bright orange rubber: thread the tightening screw knob through the hoop, so that you don't lose it, and then...
  9. wil_e123

    2008 Masters World Championships

    Cool report! For the vid, check out Vimeo. You can upload up to 500mb videos with a standard account: http://www.vimeo.com/
  10. wil_e123

    Switzerland riding

    Out in Switzerland with a friend for the rest of the month...still early days but here's a little video I put together of my friend riding a small track that a local shop owner built for riders to play on: Cheers.
  11. wil_e123

    Euro dh spots - Monkeys I need your advice

    Switzerland has some sick trails, really underrated in general. Although it probably is more expensive to stay and ride in Switzerland rather than Austria, the trails are definitely worth it... Whether it's Engadin region (that's swiss-italian border) or Valais region (west) with places like...
  12. wil_e123

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Fraser, did you get to shoot during the finals?
  13. wil_e123

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Agreed! Speaking of which I was thinking about earpiece/comm. devices (like F1)...have they never tried that? I'm sure someone must have...would be cool for the riders to have that!
  14. wil_e123

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    I'm with you on that one ^ Seb. Oh well, shame for Sam, Gee's got it until Australia next year... And Sam is still up on top for the WC, let's hope he can get 1st overall this year again, would be a good consolation, no? But then again, Sam doesn't really do 'consolation' does he? For him...
  15. wil_e123

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Konastab beat me to it!
  16. wil_e123

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Music is M.I.A - Paper Planes Sick footage once again, cool to see Fraser on the mic and in front of the cam! This race is going to be awesome. It'd be great to see a Brit to take it, Gee, Peat or Brendan...but I'm still backing Hill, that drift is just mad!
  17. wil_e123

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Live Chat! Awesome, another cool new feature. Hope it doesn't slow down the feed or anything like that though... Really cool support from the guys at Freecaster, the mediatisation of this sport is definitely going to go further with guys like you! Cheers.
  18. wil_e123

    DH riding near Val Di Sole?

    Oh, yeah, good point Vena, lifts are an issue. Most of the resorts are still caked in mud/melting snow.
  19. wil_e123

    Brakes to buy

    what kind of brakes are you currently running? If budget is an issue, I would say Juicy 5. HFX-9's I've always had problems with, gave up on those a long time ago...I would avoid them on long dh runs
  20. wil_e123

    DH riding near Val Di Sole?

    Switzerland is your best bet for some sick riding in a resort called Scuol (Engadin region, specially famous fro freeride skiing, if you're into that...). You're about 1h30 drive away from there (although in reality it feels like more because of looong winding mountain roads). If you've seen...