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    180mm cranks on a trail bike

    Umm most off shelf road bikes are delivered with 172.5mm cranksets. Smaller frame sizes typically get 170mm cranks & some really small sizes receive 167.5s for kids & women's frames. Trying to fit the bell curve of people and carry over from crit racing history. Shorter cranks = pedaling out...
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    180mm cranks on a trail bike

    Unless you have super long legs 180s on a geared bike are only going to make keeping a higher cadence difficult (wonder why most road bikes come with shorter cranks than MTBs?). Those who say the extra 5mm on each arm isn't noticeable in terms of strikes is either a far superior rider than most...
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    Splat better not let me down

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    Making beers into bunnies?

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    Jesus being fat sucks...

    Yea that's a lot of Newcastle isn't it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calorie Read everything above the table.
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    This. Is. Amazing.

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    WTF, Mr. Officer?

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    WTF, Mr. Officer?

    Good thing you're not the grammar police...
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    Hope Pro II wtf.

    +1 on checking the cassette to freehub body interface, probably your problem. FWIW, I liked my Pro IIs but this multiple years without any work thing did not apply to me. I would destroy the inner bearings on the freehub body every 12-14 weeks with such regularity that I used to pre-order on...
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    Commuters: How to/hints?

    You're definitely in the right state then.
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    My Ideas to Make Road Biking Safer

    Ugh so much fail in such a short thread. 3 foot law already exists in some states, no need for widening roads and additional painting. And a motorcycle lane? So when a car swerves into the motorcycle lane you propose the motorcycle swerves into the bicycle lane so now you have vehicles 3 wide...
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    Gotta rant (Casey Anthony related-you'll understand)

    Because people (like your co-worker) watch that type of stuff and have created a market for it. Just like tabloids, 24hr "news" channels, 24hr sports channels, etc. Stop paying attention and the attention on stories like this will go away, simple economics. I'm not saying it's right or...
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    Road gearing for my rockhopper

    You'll keep up fine with the roadies. Assuming your LX triple is a 22/32/44 you'll easily reach 20+ mph even if your cassette is the goofy 14-28. If you have an 12 or 11 small cog you'll be reaching 25mph @ 80-90rpm cadence. The gearing jumps between each cog in the cassette will be annoying...
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    Kenda Kaliente Pro

    except for Michelins. Old Michy DH tires had the trifecta of durability, traction, & a super compound.
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    Experiences with running only in-line brake levers

    Sounds to me like you really want a flatbar on your commuter. No hoods on a drop bar would be awkward IMO. If you don't have hoods/regular brake levers why are you running inline levers? Just find some cheap v-brake levers and call it done.
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    I broke another Bike

    Lifetime on frames.
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    Maybe I have too much time on my hands...

    Mods, please remove "Maybe" from the title of this thread.
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    Worst Trends in biking

    QFT. FTW, clipless is hardly a "trend" definition: http://bit.ly/m6ZiTB And SPD (for sake of argument) history http://bit.ly/4EaZ8e. 21+ yrs since introduction. Yup, definitely a trend..... And clipless refers to the lack of toeclip, which clipless pedals lack. edit: hah, snipped by so many.
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    Being ready for rides

    Varying groups have different dynamics; I have one group I ride with maybe every other month or so. I know the time they quote is arrival at trailhead, someone will have flat(s) and we'll pedal 30mins after quoted time, stopping and chatting. You just have to know this going in & plan...