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    Troy Lee Designs / Shock Doctor gear review (ride and crash tested)

    Have the 7850 and love it. One of the best ive had, BUT anyone got any tricks getting the damn thing off without ripping it? Takes me about 2 minutes of stuggling so i dont rip it. Some kind of zip down the front would be a big improvement.
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    Carbon V10 with all the latest goodies - 33.5lbs

    zerode update a few weeks back (you just have to read thru the dribble)... looking good hopefully http://www.vorb.org.nz/zerode-t107161.html
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    Where is my "Lahar"?

    friendly guy...yeah we all know he makes unique bikes that are well made - not disputing that. All i was saying is that it has been common knowledge that he's a spinner for many years, and because of that reason people in the know stayed clear. Now people overseas are just finding that out the...
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    Where is my "Lahar"?

    mate he did that years ago. most locals knew what a unit he was way back and to stay clear. You only had to look at him to see theres a screw loose. Makes good bikes but yeah... theres something wrong :crazy:. Unfortunately now he's spread his bull**** on unsuspecting foriegners. I feel sorry...
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    how to fix punctured fork lowers?

    thanks. Yeah i thought i had read about using jb weld somewhere before. Found a couple of threads on repairing scratched stanchions with it, but wasn't sure about using it on the punctured legs which will have the pressure buildup from within.
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    how to fix punctured fork lowers?

    Hi - searched a bit - found nothing. Trying to revive a friends old boxxer which has a small hole half way down the leg (not the stanchion). Is there any decent way to plug it, and for it to be strong enough to last. Doesnt really need to be tidy. just do the job. cheers
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    Anybody got a frame weight on a 2007 demo 8 or demo7?

    havent the 08's got the magnesium link, meaning a drop in weight. ok not a pound, but maybe some
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    Clipless DH riders question - cleats

    Unfortunately they dont. :rant: If anything i thought they wore out quicker. CB pedals are great, but talk about chew thru cleats. Cant understand why they dont make them out of steel. Supposedly wears the cages out but i'm sceptical. If they cant make em out of steel they should at least drop...
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    Rear Hub conversion Spesh -> Hope

    yeah thats it. Thanks. Thought they may have been generic but dreaming eh.
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    Rear Hub conversion Spesh -> Hope

    Hey I want to buy a hope pro 2 rear hub 135 x 10mm I will get the bolt up i guess but what i want to find out is can i put the axle from my Demo 8 in there? Would quite like to retain the length of the Demo axle if possible cause i like the derailleur hanger protector thingy...not so much for...
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    Just wanted to say thanks E-13!!!!

    What other bar has the SAME sweep/feel? Just asking cause i honestly have never found one. i mean 'a bit of space' radius wise, not width ways between clamps. ie the clamps meet before tightening on the bar. I would have gone back to my thomson elite but had already cut down the steerer...
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    Just wanted to say thanks E-13!!!!

    Well to me that just doesn't seem right. Where in the marketing does it say you cant run this XXX bar with this stem. Why should i have to go and buy another bar as part of the deal? I love the sweep of Azonics and don't want anything else - why should i? Also they are $100 NZ for an Azonic...
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    Just wanted to say thanks E-13!!!!

    glad you guys think they're ok - must be a local thing. I couldn't tighten my e13 stem onto an azonic bar (evidently the bar clamp area is to narrow). When i asked them about it the guy suggested i try another bar! For such an expensive product you think they could have made a bit of space...
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    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    yup - at Hawkes Bay, NZ about 6 months ago...Evidently Fabien just got off the plane 24hrs earlier. ELITE MEN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PL NAME SURNAME # FROM TIME GAP...
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    Demo 9 Pro setup problems

    Maybe the other way round? Slow down the rear rebound so it doesn't ping you over the front.
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    2007 Iron Horse

    The customer buys the bike from Ironhorse - not some 3rd level vendor.
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    Jared Graves injured - out for worlds; Kirkaldie retires

    here's an oldie but a goodie of him on the local trail - down the pigchute at Long Gully, Wellington. He and a few others built this section. He was the only one at this race clearing the top properly short but sweet.... http://www.vorb.org.nz/ftopict-20122-long.html+gully
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    Who wants to party in Rotorua?

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3722590a11,00.html http://www.vorb.org.nz/ftopict-41748-snow.html Cant find any good info about the weather lately but yeah it's been full on for the last month. Major storms coming up from Antartic. Cold,wet, lots of snow. It should be ok though. Most...
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    Who wants to party in Rotorua?

    $100 for a motel/hotel is average. $60 is cheap. The expensive are expensive!!! Although Roto will be full, a lot of the locals will be going for the cheapo accomodation (motor camps, tents etc) so ya should be sweet. I wouldn't muck around though if i were you. It's gonna be a great week...