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    Dh comp questions.

    Yes go for it. Swapping the shock will make it ride a lot better as it lowers the bottom bracket and slackens out the head angle, as well as being a better damper. Dave Oh and the e13 should fit, I had a mrp on mine.
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    NZ South Island Cup R2 results

    Bit of a write up here. http://cuffo.co.nz/zone/bike/home.aspx
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    4X/Slalom tires? Maxxis..

    Maxxis BlingBling's are sick if you can find them.
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    i just realised that i like square profile tires.

    2.5 minion dhf up front and 2.35 minion dhf on the rear for dry to damp conditions, 2.5 wet screams cut for damp to wet conditions and not cut for when its real ****ty or on wet grass.
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    vivid on team dh

    I think the old swinger was 9x2.75. I used a 8.75x2.75 which dropped the BB to around 14 inches.
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    Custom tuning of shocks

    there was a artical in dirt (july/august 06) on what the top pros were running. Its a bit hard to read but you should be able to get the jist of it. Rennie and Peat ran push internals in the 06 season and most proberly still do.
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    new pedals

    Another vote for the eastons. They have a nice big body with decent concave and a row of pins round the edge.
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    Low rise

    How does lowering your bars put weight over the back of the bike? It brings your weight towards the front of the bike giving you more traction on the front wheel for better cornering.
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    Post your ride

    2005 giant
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    Supa-light Sunn Radical

    You could probably make some ti rebound/compression shafts. Are the standard ones steel?
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    Blenkinsop on Yeti!

    Go the kiwi's:clapping:
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    vivid on team dh

    Yes a vivid will fit with plenty of room and you can reach the adjustments with ease.
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    Rockshox Vivid Info: Pics and Weights

    Will a 8.75 x 2.75 work? I put a 8.75 vivid in my giant which came stock with a 9 x 2.75 swinger and it's mint, it slightly lowered the BB and slackend the headangle a bit.
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    Maxle.. little help?

    I have a maxle 360 on my boxxers and it works well. I think it's for a boxxer ride, but I got it as a spare part from the local bike shop.
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    Do Hill, Peaty etc. run air Boxxers or not?

    http://www.vorb.org.nz/article-62640.html This says he runs 125psi so they must be air.
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    Maxxis Wetscream

    I love my cut down 2.5 super tacky wetscreams, There mint in conditions from rutted slop to loose soil and they grip roots and rocks like highrollers. But when the dirt drys up and starts to get hard they roll super slow and squirm in the corners.
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    Video: IH Riders at MSA 2007

    Sick vid. Good to see Keiran pinning it.
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    Converting a Boxxer Team to a World Cup

    I believe you need a honed upper tube aswell as the air piston and top cap.
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    Hayes Haters;)

    My hayes 9's have worked fine for the past 2 years. I've bleed the rear once and havent bleed the front at all. With one finger on the levers i can pull stoppie's at any speed so they have plenty of power for general DH use. The levers are getting a bit sloppy but they still work fine.
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    nevegal vs. weirwolf

    2.35 minions