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  1. wikitypooshlag

    Somewhere In Socal Video 2

    nice munch in the monster rut at the bottom !!!!!!! haha Killer pace too. I need to be riding with u guys
  2. wikitypooshlag

    my new ride

    did u get that at WalMart?
  3. wikitypooshlag

    New World Disorder 7 Review

    I honestly don't even care to watch it. Why do I want to watch guys do 5-10 year old BMX tricks on a MTB. It's a fVcking MOUNTAIN BIKE. I could see where all this was going with NWD6 last year. Lets keep it in the mountains. I agree with a previous poster. DJing can be a blast but when I...
  4. wikitypooshlag

    San Diego???

    I usually ride weekends. I used to ride during the week a lot, but I've been a little too busy the last year or so. I haven't been riding in a couple weeks (injured shoulder), but I should able to ride in about 1 week... shoulder is feeling a lot better the last couple days. Post when you get...
  5. wikitypooshlag

    San Diego???

    when is the best time for you to go riding?
  6. wikitypooshlag

    San Diego???

    you can't really go wrong with a glory, sunday, m3 or v10. they are all very fast bikes. i would just go with whatever you can find the best deal on.
  7. wikitypooshlag

    San Diego???

    Let me know when you get a bike and we will ride! I'll probably start building with the next big rain. Did that site have any Sundays in stock?
  8. wikitypooshlag


    once you get more into cornering you will start to understand the limitations of a 19" BB
  9. wikitypooshlag

    i'm moving to San Diego

    the land of fake titties, BMW's and yuppie Aholes :biggrin: good times hehe
  10. wikitypooshlag

    Specialized drops their gravity race program

    F*** spesh. There's so many other great bikes. Support a company that supports racing. I love freeriding but I think it's BS that a company as big as spesh can't even fork out the pennies it takes (for them) to run a race team.
  11. wikitypooshlag

    San Diego???

    oh, if you want a sunday, this site has great deals on sundays. 2006 sunday team for $2899 !!!! cant beat that
  12. wikitypooshlag

    San Diego???

    hey gregor- i ride in poway all the time, i'd love to show you around the trails here. as far as a bike goes, check out this amazing deal. brand new DH bike with high end spec for 2k. it's iron horse's value DH bike. in the new issue of decline they reviewed this bike and said it was amazing...
  13. wikitypooshlag

    which hubs????

    I don't see how ck smashes a hadley?? anyway. get a hadley or hope. avoid ringle at all costs. if you ride hard the pawls will strip every few months and their CS is completely TERRIBLE.
  14. wikitypooshlag

    states for DH and school

    Dude, why are you even considering anywhere besides so-cal. You've seen it in the videos for a reason. We ride year round and there's a ton of great riders in socal. You've got San Diego, Orange County and Santa Barbara all with year round riding weather and insane riding. I'm from SD and we...
  15. wikitypooshlag

    Fontucky DH season

    Come shoot our underground race in SD for your documentary.
  16. wikitypooshlag

    Help finding a new DH bike

    you know what though... you really can't go wrong with any high end downhill frame these days. of course they all have their strengths and weaknesses but none of them are "bad" bikes. think long and hard about what kind of riding you do and what kind of riding you plan on doing in the future. do...
  17. wikitypooshlag

    Help finding a new DH bike

    dude, the new Giant Glory! haven't ridden one so I really have no room to talk but they are supposedly awesome..?? great reviews etc... one of those bikes you don't realize until you see one and say DAMN! just my 2 cents
  18. wikitypooshlag

    2007 Iron Horse

    ouch. are those graphics going to be on the production models?? there's no way that's the best that iron horse can come up with.
  19. wikitypooshlag

    Laguna Hills or Tunnel this weekend!?

    is there really something going on with the sierra club? if so i won't even bother making the trip up. i'll be plenty happy riding my local sierra club-free trails.
  20. wikitypooshlag

    Check out this awesome bike!!

    the best part is in the auction where he says it's the best bike you'll ever find for under $1000 buahahaha