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  1. sleepinggiant

    Sexy TW catalog bike makes another appearance

    Looks like Fezzari is picking up this frame as well.
  2. sleepinggiant

    High Rise DH/AM Handlebars

    Kore Torsion comes in 30mm and 50mm rise options at 800mm width.
  3. sleepinggiant

    Tech fork question

    Set the rebound to full slow and cycle the fork several times. This will purge the damper of air. Once the fork is rebounding really slow, set it back to your desired level and test the lockout again, this should solve your problem.
  4. sleepinggiant

    Knee Braces?

    I ride moto with the POD K700 (distributed by Fox here in the states) and it's comfy enough that I could ride dh in them. The tracking patella guard offers good protection, and its removable if you wanted to come up with your own custom protection. http://www.podmx.com/
  5. sleepinggiant

    nr of tools needed...

    Specialized Grappler
  6. sleepinggiant

    Five Ten Cyclones

    If they use the same sole as the Minnaar, then yes it is thick, but the cleat is recessed quite deep into the sole. Much farther than Shimano's current DX shoe.
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    Auto/MTB video help

    NISSAN_HERS, Dir. Justin Owensby ©2010 on Vimeo
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    Wide bars with a little rise?

    Both the Kore Torsion and new Nukeproof bar (should ship from CRC in Feb) have 38mm rise and 800mm width
  9. sleepinggiant

    Northstar's closed, so let's watch videos

    It's always fun to see who can do the biggest goon air
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    Fox 40 Help-Blown Bladder?

    The 2011 40 damper is quite a bit different from the 2010. The new F.I.T. damper that Fox introduced for the 32mm class of forks has been applied to the 36 and 40 for 2011. The damper has essentially been inverted, the bladder has been enlarged, and it now sits at the top of the cartridge. As...
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    Fox 40 Help-Blown Bladder?

    It's worth a call to see if they will, but unfortunately due to the design of the damper, 6 hard days at N* can do this to a 40. It would be worth your while to see if they'll upgrade you to the 2011 internals, they're significantly stronger. If you do have to send it back to Fox be aware that...
  12. sleepinggiant

    Fox 40 Help-Blown Bladder?

    Yes you have blown the bladder. You may not have noticed a loss in damper performance because not much oil has leaked out of the damper yet. The cartridge rebuild kit, which has a replacement bladder (along with many other o-rings) should run you about $35~40 and you'll need some 10wt oil to do...
  13. sleepinggiant

    New trail/AM bike time!

    Noah, I've built many Tracers up here at my new shop, and trust me, you don't want one. Flexier than your 6.6, geo is not good for SB at all, quality of travel is mediocre, has tons of problems if you ever want to put and kind of 2x9/10 set up on it...you get the picture. SB is a very hard...
  14. sleepinggiant

    Works components angled reducers

    There's been a way for a while Noah: http://www.k9industries.com/K9/Reducer.html
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    "Follow Me" premier tonight! Los Gatos High School

    If you missed it last weekend at Sea Otter, nows your chance! Come out and watch a freakin' rad movie and support a great club. This is another fundraiser for the LGHS Mountain Bike Club. We (Trailhead Cyclery) will have loads of sweet raffle items from a growing list, like Dakine, Fox...
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    Any San Francisco shops selling the TLD D3?

    Trailhead Cyclery in San Jose http://trailheadcyclery.com/welcome.html
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    Giant Team News.

    He'll be racing a full WC season aboard a different frame sponsor.
  18. sleepinggiant

    New Rig!!

    Shouldn't be to hard to get it dirty, the whole freaking thing is white!
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    Song from Dirt TV Air DH

    Ratatat-Loud Pipes