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    Mad March Race clinic at Massanutton

    I just got this from Jason Beckley who will be leading this clinic. I have been through one of these clinics before and can assure you they are bad to the bone. Mad March Racing Gravity East Pre-Race Clinics Mad March Racing is excited to partner with Gravity East to provide pre-race...
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    Don't know if you got a bike yet. I was just poking around and found these. This one is...

    Don't know if you got a bike yet. I was just poking around and found these. This one is probably too good to be true: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/spo/921953007.html This would probably be one of the best bikes for you. I have a friend that has one that is about the same year. This...
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    Yo dude, it's Brian Price. Let me know if you get a dirtbike. A bunch of us have started riding...

    Yo dude, it's Brian Price. Let me know if you get a dirtbike. A bunch of us have started riding in the last year. Most of us ride 250s or better, but there are some exceptions. One thing to consider when looking for a bike (if you haven't gotten on yet) is that the trails around here are VERY...
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    do you motocross?

    This is a two pater: 1. My first bike came last November, a 1992 yamaha wr250 for $200. The bike was awesome, but it was also a $200 bike, so I quickly grew out of it and picked up an '05 yz250 two stroke. I ended up opting for a two stroke for pretty much all the reasons already stated, and...
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    Bromont World Cup

    USA = 10th
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    Is there any way to mount a E13 like "taco" without...

    This have kind of gone out of vogue in bmx, because the sprockets are thick enough to just bash into and everyone wants light, but check out the sprocket guards on this page. They used to be very common. They mount right to the sprocket. It might mean though, that you have to replace your...
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    Rumor has is slalom race #2

    I was hoping this would be implied, but practice will be before noon, whenever you want.
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    Rumor has is slalom race #2

    Details: 495 Slalom Course (Church) http://ridedc.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=30&topic=1789.0
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    DH Race timing systems

    I have been told by someone with a lot of experience that wireless is not that accurate. He did however say that the inaccuracy tends to be consistent. So a 5:00 run may say 5:01, but it will be off the same for everyone. I guess it would depend on how much you value total accuracy.
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    DH racing technique tip

    It is really a case of which choice yields more speed or conserves speed. You can actually gain a lot of speed by pumping through a jump if done properly or pedaling across a flat between takeoff and landing. When you are in the air there really isn't anything you can do to make yourself go...
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    4/5/6/7 Speeds - who runs what?

    What is the point of locking gears out? Just because you don't tend to use them doesn't mean you will never use them. Isn't it nice knowing you have more options, should a situation arise?
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    TLD vs "THE" and any others inbetween

    Are there pictures somewhere, since it isn't exactly easy to do a search for "the?"
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    Keep on Rolling Skills Clinic, Oct. 28, Frederick

    So I just filled up. If you are still interested, let me know and you will be wait listed. I might consider expanding, but only by a couple.
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    Keep on Rolling Skills Clinic, Oct. 28, Frederick

    Keep on Rolling Skills Clinic, Brought to You by Avalon/Germantown Cycle’s Team 9.8 and MORE. Sunday, October 28, 2007 at 10 a.m. at the Frederick Watershed. It doesn’t matter if you are riding cross-country bikes or you are a seasoned downhill racer. We want to help you improve your...
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    How far is Trevyn road riding every day?

    Well, as Trevyn's teammate I can say that road bikes are not his thing. He does however pretty much ride a bike for his job. And he for sure bumping up the time on his MX bike. Though, I bet he would say his fitness is his biggest weakness. Now another teammate of ours, Jason Beckley, who swept...
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    Wisp Race

    I don't really want to get into a big technical debate, but I will give strong endorsement for the Canon digitals and could debate it for many days if needed. It is not the same debate as it used to be before digital, when the debate came down to focus, camera speed and lens sharpness. Digital...
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    Where to get boxxer short crowns?

    I think he tried to pm, but my box if full. I will give him another chance, otherwise cool.
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    Where to get boxxer short crowns?

    I have one I will trade you.
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    Dirt Science

    I heard about a mixture of sand to clay once; I don't remember what is was -- something like 30 to 80.
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    Transition Chainguide

    I made that first post under dirt jumpers name because I didn't realize I was signed in under his account. The thing is I really don't feel putting one out. It is not what interests me and I am perfectly content just complaining. And I do understand how much work went into the e.13. DW is...