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    rear suspension characteristics

    2. friction = the normal force x coef. of friction. acceleration is no where to be found in that equation brake jack is a myth. when you think you feel it its probably the axle path, shock setup, things like that
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    KOM'ed that sh!t!

    what stops roadies from just driving down a road with strava on and saying they did it on their bike? i always wondered about that...
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    Stainless Steel DH Frame

    yield strength is not the same as UTS (ultimate tensile) find me some stainless steel that yields at 80ksi+ and i will be impressed...
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    Stainless Steel DH Frame

    man, you should be making millions dude, you have found a material twice as strong as any other bike company! must be some kind of weird conspiracy how everyone else keeps saying alloy and carbon are better materials for frames... ...either that or your tensile testing machine needs to be...
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    Stainless Steel DH Frame

    maraging steel is a totally different thing than 316 stainless.
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    Stainless Steel DH Frame

    so.....using a 30ksi material is better than a 60ksi or 70ksi material because.... :confused:
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    AM bikes with 150 rear end?

    150 rear with 73mm BB shell: chain line no-worky. need 83mm BB shell.
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    Ceramic Bearings?

    you are absolutely right that its not the best application for a pivot with high load relatively to the size of the bearings and that in some cases only rotates a few degrees. however deep groove ball bearings are way better than the alternative: bushings or needle bearings, or angular...
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    Kona Entourage vs Trek Session 8

    the 2012 size medium operator has a wheel base 5mm shorter than the medium demo. and the CS are only 4mm longer...not really a long bike, especially compared to something like an M9. same HT angle as the demo too, which is a "steep" 64 degrees ;)
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    Ceramic Bearings?

    ok, since you dont understand sarcasm, let me break it down for you: up until 10 years ago there were a lot more bushings in FS bikes than bearings. now there are almost none. why do you think that is, in your expert opinion?
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    Ceramic Bearings?

    wow, you are one smart engineer. you need to work for a bike company i guess. since FS MTB bikes were invented until the mid 2000's lots of companies used bushings in their suspension. now almost none do. i guess they dont have cool engineering bearing experts like you working there....
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    My "New" Hardtail Race Bike. The Masochist.

    seems a little odd to run a BB as high as a bike with 8 inches in the rear. i would think you could get away with a much lower BB which would be the (only) advantage of a HT...?
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    Specialized Demo 8 Carbon

    why does that bike have a dropper post??
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    Suspension setup (Whistler)

    yeah its a much better idea to get your suspension tuned near whistler than were you already live. hopefully i wont give away too much, but the hardcore Canadian tune uses a mixture of chainsaw oil, maple syrup and a pinch of loam for fork oil.
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    6" rear disk on 2010 Commencal Supreme DH?

    have any of you really overheated a 6" rotor? the bike in this video has a 6" rear rotor, and it never fades. if that doesn't do it, you must only ride 4k vert fall line skidders. Whistler Bike Park From Top To Bottom on Vimeo
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    hayes stoker trail?

    i have stroker trails on my DH bike which i mostly ride at whistler, and they are fine. if you can get a deal, go for it.
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    Cool info and an interview with Fairclough - 2011 Demo 8

    damn that bike is sick. i am picking up a medium red/white for sure. was hoping to get a chance to see them at the spesh tent at whistler the other day, but it was all locked up, guess i picked the wrong day.
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    Post Canyon shuttle crews ???

    that shop in hood river was trying to put together a shuttle van last year. i dont think they ever got their act together. maybe they will make it happen this year? anyone else have info? i have had good luck going there solo, and just finding people to shuttle with in the family man parking lot.
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    Stan's ZTR Flow wheelset

    i have raced and ridden black rock with the front UST minion/ZTR flow as low as 17 psi without sealant, no problem. as they say on teh internetz....you're doing it wrong.