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    FINALLY DONE! - 2008 Tomac Primer 220

    pretty high pivot on that beast, do you notice more pedal feedback than other bikes you have ridden?
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    Totem Solo Air Vs. Coil

    There is a small amount of oil in the solo air spring which needs replacing every 6 months or so(takes 2 minutes). Its a nightmare:rolleyes:
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    race @ port angeles

    does that go for the practice day too(tomorrow)?
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    Chuckanut Double Black Diamond.. question

    Don't be a douche. I agree we should not post directions to secret/illegal trails, but this is niether. Drive to the top of Cleator/Hiline road, I'll let you figure out the rest :)
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    Light DH riders & light components…

    I weigh about 130 and ride a sunday, whats a good light crankset i could put on that would still be reliable, and available in 165mm?
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    Travel reduced Boxxer vs. Totem

    On the note of the solo-air being more progressive-- I love the feel of my Totem solo air, i think it likes to use all of its travel more than the boxxer team i used to have, but i think it definitely bottoms out easier. I think the blackbox speedstack in the boxxer adds a lot of bottom out...
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    Anybody think Whistler was a little bit of a let down?

    Sad story dude. I'm living in Whistler for the summer, I'll take you to the shore if you pay for the gas :)
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    How do you reach air adjuments for a 5th on a sunday?

    Yup jay, i'd just unbolt the topmount ^^^^ How you likin' the sunday?
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    Troy Lee Lopes Knee Guards

    Fox 911's for the win if you can still find them.
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    Riding in Olympia WA

    You might take a look into Western Washington University in Bellingham. Thats where I go and its a great school. Add to that the north shore and Whistler are within day-trip distance, among tons of other riding spots close by, and one of the snowiest ski area's in the world is an hour away...
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    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    If you look closely in the picture you can tell that its not a DHX 5, so i guess it was obviously a typo. Oh well, i have a '06 Sunday Elite arriving on my doorstep on friday :). Just hope the small parts box is intact this time. Teague!
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    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    It says its supposed to be a DHX 5 in the catalogue. I would raise hell if i were you :) Teague!
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    a look into our little hurricane.

    Yeah, we shrugged off the storm nicely up here in Bellingham. I don't think our power even flickered.
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    Tuning blackbox speedstack in boxxer wc/team

    The Race does not have the floodgate, or at least it doesn't adjust.
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    Bones Over Metal Video

    I saw some of you guys up at Galbraith today! I was the guy you gave a lift up to the towers, with the IH 7point7. Thanks for waitin up for my dogy!
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    Transition Expands

    wow. the new preston is georgeous!
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    Fusion 2007

    actually its not just me. apon further investigation... http://www.fusionbikes.de/
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    Rock Shox Totem

    Very little shuttled riding in the Northwest? You need to get out a little more. On the shore your forgetting about Cypress, every bit as shuttleable as Seymour. Other shuttleable places in the NW worth mentioning: Post Canyon, Glacier, Vedder, Squamish(or so i have heard, and hopefully will...
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    Fusion 2007

    I like em', sweet looking bikes. Is it just me or is the shock being compressed from both ends?
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    06 Boxxer team vs. 888rc2x

    Go with the Boxxer. At your weight you are more likely to notice the differance in weight than a differance in stiffness. I bought my team from a guy who ended up buying a bike that came with a rc2x, and he ended up wishing he still had the Boxxer.