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    Helmet help

    tried on some bern helmets at a lbs. Feels amazing for a halfshell. They got the head strap deal going on to fit your head better. Planning on picking one up once i stop myself from overdrafting.
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    Issues on new build.

    Brake might be mushy because of the brake and housing combo, there might be too much friction when you reuse an old housing with an old cable not originally inside of it. Maybe put some lube in it, might help out a little. BMX u-brake levers pull a different amount of cable than mountain bike...
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    2009 Commencal DH SUPREME

    Well...every other team got crushed in the 4x200. How often do you see a difference of 5 seconds between first place and second place at the olympics for that event? Thats some crazy...
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    Brand new SS hub ghost pedaling.

    my bmx does that when the chain tensions a bit too low...
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    Norco Team DH update: 35lbs

    The DW link only lightens bikes, same as how flames and neon lights make cars go faster.
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    New Bikey for 08'

    thats messy...?
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    random steel homebuilt

    think the guy who built that already has a thread here, sweet bike though.
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    Check out my new (to me) Demo!

    Awesome color choice. I kinda liked the coloring on the tattoed demo, but they kinda messed it up on the newer demos...
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    Trader Joes Mac and Cheese

    Me being lactose intolerant probably helped a bit.
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    Glory holes

    sounds heavy O_o
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    Trader Joes Mac and Cheese

    I tried this thing on my lunch break a few days ago...an hour later i had to run to the bathroom in the middle of helping a customer. Salesguys be warned, will cause failure of sale to occur.
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    Recommend a bike please!

    Theres also mongoose bikes if you want good components on the bike. They just got a ton of pivots that'll be a mess to maintain. I'd say the mongoose khybers a pretty good deal, or one of the black diamonds. Khyber http://www.mongoose.com/mtn/ProductDetails.html?id=2635&enc=mtn|6 Black Diamond...
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    2009 Glory

    weight wise...maybe its like a fat anorexic girl, dont know anythings missing till you ride it...lame
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    wht do you guys think of the new banshee legend mk1

    maybe CAD? haha such a sick frame, I'll have to save for a few years before i can afford it though. I spend too much money on random junk.
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    Quality, inexpensive Full-Face?

    I got the Azonic Fury, pretty comfortable and breathes decently. Chose it over the Giro Remedy for the graphics on it. Ill probably scratch it all off though...I hit my head too much.
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    Adam Craig's Beijing Ride

    They took out the marlboro man's lungs and stuck it in adam's for the race so he wont need to train for the pollution.
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    grip shift for dh?

    Sorry to change the topic a little, but does anyone use the shimano dual control levers for DH at all? Seems like they'd be miss shift prone...Probably a really stupid question.
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    Used kona/ good price?

    I'd say go for the new mongoose. It has a killer component spec on it and the new ones should be able to take a couple of years worth of beating. Worst that could happen would be the frame breaking, but you wouldnt really be loosing any money, the parts alone are worth the cost of the complete...
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    Tomac Primer 220's are now AVAILABLE

    ^mmm....and its so nice in black too. Is the black and red going to be the team color or just a one off...?
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    vivid on team dh

    The manitou revox and swinger x6 have the 9.0" x 2.75" measurement i believe. Heard that the new revox was a pretty good shock, but it runs for a little more than the vivid does.