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    McCaul at the exit

    If you all can remember back to when he was out there here's the video fox put together. It looks like he was mostly only doing the last booter section at the end. I hope NWD8 does the trail more justice.
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    North Bend?

    well im going to try and get up there friday and mourn. Is it being logged or are they just tearing it down because of the liability ****? But it would be great to designate an exit for a network of freeride and downhill trails. If we could all come together and organize as a group, get the...
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    North Bend?

    yes pictures and mabey a new thread would be good.
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    North Bend?

    soo thats it? its done? Id like to know what made em do it because they have been letting it slide for awhile now. I think we should all get out there and have like a funeral or something. And no more of this dl stuff. You dont think the forest service knows every exit like it the back of their...
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    My Beacon thread...

    hey thanks bibs looks great
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    My Beacon thread...

    congrats. how about posting it up?
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    My Beacon thread...

    #232 black giro Bighit w/ travis
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    PA Spring Shuttle Today!!!!

    ya man my body is still shaking and i still feel like im going through them sweet burms. Not much photograph was going on the trails they were too tight and fast to stop. Sunshine all day, little muddy in spots but overall it was insane. I should have demoed a bike. Thanks to everyone who made...
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    Yesterday was insane my goal for next time is the big stepdown and suisides and by next time i mean the weekend after spring break. Post up them pictures tonight chris.
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    Official Spring Shuttler Day....P.A. Style!

    what happened to the helmet cam video of one of the trails that was on youtube? anyone know the link?
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    i watched that a couple times and still couldnt believe it. on some of those hips it looked like they were going for a corked backfilp or something.
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    Lift Assisted Bike Park Coming to Oregon!

    no eren stevens is TRYING to open a mini whistler 2 summers from now.
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    Weekly Dhish ride

    ya id be down with a weekendly ride but most of the time i would need to carpool with someone. and once the snow is gone we could probably start going to the i-90s. 3in of snow 1hr delay. 1 day more of summer for me!
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    Fluidride's gone?

    sweet i always love urban racing pics. keep it up
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    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    ya got back from 6 hours of chest xrays and ct scans. fractured shoulder blade. 4 weeks no bike.but im going to do so anaways in less than 3. while in the aid room at stevens i heard some kid got a spinal inury.godamm this sucks.
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    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    dislocated shoulder 2nd practice run, $45 gone but other than that it was insane.who won?
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    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    ya well think about it. the meeting might be 15-25mins long. first practice run probably 10 mins then the brooks lift is hella slow so you will be lucky to get 3 runs in which might be enough. does anyone know how there getting the bikes on the lift or which classes are racing first?
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    SST Saturday 2/10

    well ill have you know that skiing was crap and my hub still isn't in. the pictures look awsome
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    exit video

    national forest is open to the public including trail building. The forest service knows about it and im pretty sure they dont give a damm but 38 is on private property so watch out.
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    PNW's Picture thread!!

    wait whos wigga? says hes from k town.