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    bar extensions!!!!!

    I just extended my easton carbon DH bars by about 10 inches! I used to just run my ODI lock on grips wide and only bolt the inside clamp. It was sick. It added some much needed torque and shock absorbtion to my Fox 40. So anyways i was wondering if you could run bar ends on these new...
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    Snowmass National on Altitude

    You dropped your whazazahh....
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    I am moving to Fairfax and I want to rip...

    I am moving to Fairfax this week and I have ridden Tamarancho XC a few times. I would love to ride more trails! The more tech the better. What are some good wicked gnar XC trails? Are there any DH trails or shuttle runs? I have a truck and some shovels. How bout a good shop- any...
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    CCCX DH races?

    Wha-gwan? Me thinking bout running at the next DH race. What are the DH courses like at these CCCX races? 2 min nasty world cup course or 10 min hyped up Super D track? You need a DH bike or do people run it on trail bikes? Pass the info please. Big up Jamaica. Wha-gwan!
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    A Great Book To Cozy Up To!!!

    Hey fellas! Anybody feeling frisky? I sure am! I love giving hand jobs and any other kind of job you have for me-like changin oil and breakin in a horse
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    A Great Book To Cozy Up To!!!

    Hey guys!! I was wondering if anyone knew of some good reads that I can check out. It is kinda rainy here. The bikes are in the closet and I want to snuggle up to a great book. Ive been drinking lots of Earl Grey tea. Maybe even a little too much. So if anyone has a "new tea" suggestion I...
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    Is the new bridge done yet??
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    DH/FR/MX/DJ room for rent- Boulder

    Live with two other DH/MTX racers in Downtown Boulder. I mean Downtown. You can see the Pearl St. Mall from our reserved parking lot. 3 Br 1.5 Ba Apt. Ground level (No stairs for bike portage) The two current roomates race for THE FIX in Boulder. Within riding distance to dirt jumps at The...
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    Dirt Jumping/4x NORCO 4x4 frame 2004

    I have a norco 4x4 frame for sale which is a kick a$$ for dirt jumping and 4x. I am selling the frame with a thomson seatpost a truvative bb and a headset. The frame and these parts are $500. I love this frame and hate to see it go but I must sell. FOR PICTURES GO TO "FOR SALE" "FRAMES"...
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    My 888 is leaking from the center of the fork leg!!!

    I took a slow fall (walking speed) yesterday. Dropped my bike on a rock and it sprung a leak. The rebound oil started pouring out on the rebound stroke. Talked to Marzocchi today. I am not sure if they are going to warranty them or not. They said that they had only heard of one case of this...