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  1. Mike Buell

    2011 Pan Am Champs Applications???

    Thanks for the form George! Figure it never hurts to petition and keep the options open... I've got some local friends in the area down there as well, so would probably be a pretty epic trip with or without USAC support! Definitely the locals have the edge on this event for many...
  2. Mike Buell

    2011 Pan Am Champs Applications???

    Hey Everyone, Looking for some information, thought someone on here with USAC links might have some answers... Does anyone know, when petition forms for 2011 Pan Am champs need to be submitted by, and how USAC would like petitions to be submitted this year? A link or PDF for the submission...
  3. Mike Buell

    Banshee Legend MK II Built

  4. Mike Buell

    MEDIA + Mountain biking. WHo do you trust/ read/ Hate?

    Dirt and Vital are my go to sites! Sometimes decline or siclines when I'm craving more... I'll try and sell stuff on Pinkbike when I feel like punishing myself with turning down trades for X-boxes and skateboards.
  5. Mike Buell

    Boulder Movie Event (AUSTRALIS)

    Yo everyone, so this isn't 100% bike related as the movie is a ski movie, but the event is a fund raiser for LERT, which is a non-profit organization that runs both EMSC and SMBA. EMSC is Boulders local youth Ski race team. SMBA is Boulders local youth mountain bike club. So the event helps...
  6. Mike Buell

    2010 World Chamionships Mont Sainte-Anne - Live Thread

    Gonna get interesting! Thanks for the update! Hope your having a great trip!
  7. Mike Buell

    2010 World Chamionships Mont Sainte-Anne - Live Thread

    Never got a code when my brother paid, hopefully they wont be a pain when he tries to get a refund. I ended up having to buy another one with my account. Code came right away, but we missed half the first round after trying to figure out where his code was... All in all pretty disappointed...
  8. Mike Buell

    2010 World Chamionships Mont Sainte-Anne - Live Thread

    We paid on freecaster with paypal and they haven't sent a code, its been 20 minutes... Anyone know what to do?
  9. Mike Buell

    Sol Vista National Champs

  10. Mike Buell

    Sea Otter Downhill Is A Joke

    The fact that they use a $100 hand time system just shows that they don't give two craps about the DH and that it is a total side show to the rest of the event. Its basically demonstrates the total lack of respect they have for everyone who races the DH. "Just get a cheap thumb timer this year...
  11. Mike Buell

    Preview our 2010 Pit Setup

    Most definitely George!!! Not sure if we'll have time to swing by the house, but we'll definitely see you at the races!
  12. Mike Buell

    Intense DH Tire Info Needed

    Yeah, good stuff thanks! Keep it coming!
  13. Mike Buell

    Intense DH Tire Info Needed

    Hey Everyone, I've searched around a little bit and can't find much in the way of good info/reviews on the Intense DH Tire Line (besides the descriptions on their website) http://www.intensetires.com/dh.html It would be cool to put together some reviews/descriptions from people that have...
  14. Mike Buell

    Looking for a good 4x wheelset

    I disagree, but to each his own. Have you checked your spoke tension lately?
  15. Mike Buell

    Looking for a good 4x wheelset

    SunRingle Charger QR 20mm Strong and Light http://www.sun-ringle.com/contentpages/mtb/wheelsets/allmountain.php5
  16. Mike Buell

    The Banshee LEGEND is almost reborn . . .

    I just wanted to quote this so the picture would post another time:) Looks soooo sweet! Cant wait!!!
  17. Mike Buell

    DH Training, what works for you?

    This is the best program that I am aware of, I used the Ultimate MTB workout program last offseason, had awesome results and will be training with it again this season. Its good stuff! http://www.bikejames.com/products/
  18. Mike Buell

    2010 MSC Schedule

    I'm pretty sure the 2 DH's is correct, Snowmass has always been a tough venue to host a 4X at. I remember some banter on the MSC forum about doing a 2 DH format.