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  1. mxer338

    10 days in New England...

    i second nassaheagon, if you need a guide to find anything (stunts, jumps, shuttling, loops, the kitchen, etc) i will be around.
  2. mxer338

    Boston/Providence DJ'n / Street scene

    fenway... oh, nevermind :dead: :( :( :(
  3. mxer338

    32" bar pics

    if you rotated them back a bit they would probably feel a little better. did you have to cut to even up the throttle side? how much room do you have to cut them down (looks like alot) if you wanted bars around 30"?
  4. mxer338

    Best riding pics

    wow that dirt looks amazing
  5. mxer338

    ridemonkey's languages

    English Spanish semi fluently speaking, writing. if i just listen i will get everything, but i get lost on native words and expressions
  6. mxer338

    Questions to ask people when they are stoned

    are you high? are you sure? ok, continue driving.
  7. mxer338

    harbl! or "i'm in ur _____, _____ my _____" (img++)

    bump. :biggrin:
  8. mxer338

    What does 40 mean, as in e-40?

    anyone ever give up and try to use the bathrooom (by yourself) before you finished the 40's? Im pretty sure i tried, but i dont really remember. share stories here.
  9. mxer338

    PC Gaming - Counter-Strike: Source

    i dont really like source, the hit boxes are rediculous. and i dont like the gun models as much except the ak. the player mods are very good tho. however for gameplay, i still like cz better. its a nice mix of 1.6 and source
  10. mxer338

    Crank Bros Candy Spindle

    email CB. i completely destroyed a mallet and they had me send it in so they could give me a new one for free. i dont think i even payed shipping. and this was out of the warantee period
  11. mxer338

    Just finished my 07' race bike :-) Here are photos.

    :ban: nice bike, sprinkles
  12. mxer338

    Locking threads. ;)

    there are a ton of different colors. i use purple for small bolts that i take off alot, or that i want to come loose in a crash (lever bolts, lever clamps etc.) i do red on rotor bolt and blue prettymuch everything else
  13. mxer338

    RC Moves to NASCAR

    as long as RC can see over the steering wheel, hell find a way to win
  14. mxer338

    Stupid rant.

    DG whys the man always holdin' you back? first the megaphone, and now this... it must be your rediculously good looks.
  15. mxer338

    size doesn't matter!!

    i could, but shortly thereafter it would be a broken pitbike. i cant even fit on one.. idk how u do it
  16. mxer338

    Favorite Band/singer

  17. mxer338

    School Sucks

    price- im going to build you a bike so you can come riding and stop being so depressed. i should have one for you to use this weekend if you can get off campus.
  18. mxer338

    V10 or Sunday

    cole get another v10. sell me your old one.
  19. mxer338

    Has anyone here spent a HS year abroad?

    the first part of my response was intended to be taken lightheartedly. I just know that.. going through a similar situation as you, it was much more important for me to stay at home to secure my future after HS. if you honestly feel and know that spending a whole year studying abroad wont...
  20. mxer338

    Has anyone here spent a HS year abroad?

    stay home and f*ck sh*t up.. wait till after HS to go away, youll have more fun, and this way you can still "concentrate" on getting good grades