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    New '09 NEMA 'Revolver' threads...

    White on white that's ****in' ross.
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    World Championships 2007

    lopes wins!!!!
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    Eurobike live

    Did you happen to get any photos of the new Crank Brothers DH Cranks?
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    IS SUB 40 lbs POSSIBLE? How

    the spec I have isn't anything really special. I didn't compromise at the wheels, but have some lighter parts through out that help. I know that my bike isn't the lightest out there, but it is exactly how I race it and don't have to worry about anything failing either. No sketchy parts...
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    165 vs. 170 crank length

    So I wonder why most pro bmxers run 180s?? What do you think about the new Truvativ OCTs not coming in 165s?? I was hoping to make the trasition to 65s this season and wanted to run the OCTs, so I'm bummed. I have been running 70s for years though so not that big of a deal. I never...
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    IS SUB 40 lbs POSSIBLE? How

    Word round the campfire is the new V10 will shed a pound and a half from the current...Making sub 38 relitively easy. My bike (weighed at tire of photo. W/Dh tubes 'cause that's how I roll.) 38.9lbs. (Oh, steel spring too.)
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    IS SUB 40 lbs POSSIBLE? How

    My bike is sick light and wicked fast! I have trouble holding on sometimes cause it's so fast! and so LIGHT!
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    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    Duncan and the Banger T are my Heros! All the Americans did pretty well this year! It's coming back!
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    Race Calendar

    this sites all have old information. I need the '06 schedule.
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    Race Calendar

    :help: :help: :help: Everyone knows whats up with NOBRA, but I want to know what's going on with other races for '06. Locations and Dates. What I am really looking for: Crank Worx BC Cups World Cups And whatever other cool races that are out there. maybe the mountain state...
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    So I'm riding at N* and look what happens..........

    hey did you know that if you cut that intermediate nob off the tire will rip courners way better? I don't know it that'll help with the nials but I do know the DhTahoe is all knowing man of N* mountain!
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    What's the deal with Bend Oregon? what is up with the DH scene up there and what's this talk of a Mecca? :mumble:
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    World Cup Round 2: Germany

    Wake up NORBA!
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    U.S. Open

    I have seen Heath skate at the local parks and he still rips it up! Retired... what a joke! haha.
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    U.S. Open

    I wish I was going... that's too bad about the flight. Maybe it wasn't meant to be this year. Call and yell a bit, perhaps some crying too.
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    boxxer or dh 2.0?

    Boxxer WC any day.
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    Peaty in cuffs!

    Peat can trash my property any day of the week! I would be honored! About nwd5 he wasn't doing the freeride thing. He was a racer who happened to be in a freeride movie. Why is everyone judging Peaty? AND konahucker do you really have a proper reason or expierience to justify your dislike of...
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    - deer valley entry fee is for real -REG now and get ripped! -

    That's it! I am done with bikes, I am going to ski's!
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    New Planet X Split tail ! check out the pics

    The Split Tail has been a busy bike, for more updates and pictures go to www.teamplanetx.com
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    World Cup Round 1 Results

    I just checked out those photos and the bottom line is World Cups are RAD! I don't think NORBA can spell the words Jump or Berm. Durango was ok last year, but they aren't running it this year : (