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  1. downhillforchea

    New Downhill Video Contest!

    Hey aaron just told me to edit this to show I have permission for this thread.
  2. downhillforchea

    New Downhill Video Contest!

    Hey fellow Ridemonkeys! I am here to tell you about a new video contest. Read the rules below, and enter it! Also, so you know, if your video is already up on pinkbike or youtube, ALL YOU NEED TO DO is email us and we will take it into consideration! Here are the rules. You can read them and...
  3. downhillforchea

    Demo: The right bike?

    Here this video should convince you the demo is really all that
  4. downhillforchea

    Lopes wins his first MegaAvalanche of 08'

    In case you didnt know what a megavalanche is, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megavalanche should help you out
  5. downhillforchea

    DW-link to Ellsworth!

    Haha i like that it was written so well that i read it and was very suprised before I realized it was a joke. the first in market for marketing gave it away
  6. downhillforchea

    downhill kayak

    ah i thought it was downhill snow kayaking. that video was crazy. wow
  7. downhillforchea

    The skinsuit thread

    I think if people want to wear them at other events they should but at the world cup events they should not be allowed. World cup is our sports largest and highest visibility events and we should do our best to look awesome and not nerdy at those events
  8. downhillforchea

    Timberline, WV trip report

    That looks awesome. I am more and more sad i moved away from west virginia every day.
  9. downhillforchea

    Help me lighten my V10.

    This bike looks badazz
  10. downhillforchea

    here is something to drool over

    okay, they still would have looked better with a curved top tube but those still look really good. Sweet pics man!
  11. downhillforchea

    video teaser "Pinned"

    haha i did not mind the music so much. so many haters on it. I thought the video quality was good and great riding! Looks good to me. Are you releasing this film independently or is it sponsored by someone?
  12. downhillforchea


    this is the advantage of buying from smaller companies like intense and transition bikes in theory. Smaller companies can gain alot of advantages by providing great customer service so they can build a brand.
  13. downhillforchea

    pinkbike frankenbike made me chuckle.

    One good landing would snap that headtube so quick. I cant imagine how crazy the turning on that bike would be too.
  14. downhillforchea

    more pics of the 2008 Trek Session 88 DH, I was completley blown away

    I was one of those people who thought that trek just would never get the mountain bike industry like they get the road racing industry. If they keep turning out bikes like the session 88 I will be proved wrong. That bike looks awesome