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    Complete Guide to Downhill Rubber

    What schwalbe tires do people run on the rear of there DH/Enduro bikes? Where i was living before trails were dry and dusty so I had a magic mary on the front and a rock razor on the rear. Rock razor won't cut it in the more loamy conditions. I think a magic mary on the rear maybe overkill...
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    Brake Dilemma

    Let us know how you get on with the guide ultimates. I'm considering a set to replace my 3 + year old codes but hesitant to move on from them as they have been solid performers. Been through a few lever blades from crashes and a calliper but otherwise they have been flawless. Really holding out...
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    2015 Rockshox Boxxer

    Charger Question. I have to put in a new seal head in my charger damper due to the old one leaking and having looked at the service manual it looks like i can just pull the rebound shaft and fit the new seal head without draining the fluid and reinstall. If i give it a bleed after will it be all...
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    Rad company

    Not sure if troll or just easily confused by special effects..... Assuming you're talking about the road gap in the intro of lbb episodes its clearly fake. I thought that was fairly obvious.
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    New Lapierre

    Looks like swoopy down tubes are making a comeback.
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    Cassette without a carrier

    Does anyone knows of a 10 speed cassette sram or shimano that doesn't uses a carrier for any of the cogs? I currently run an ultregra which has the largest cogs on a carrier and i want to change up my gearing a bit but i can't find any of the larger cogs i need not on a carrier. I have no...
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    Is DH racing dying?

    Why spend thousands to travel the world to race mediocre tracks? Enduro world series has it right choosing the locations based on the quality of the trails in the area is a much better idea than however the UCI chooses locations these days.
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    2015 Rockshox Boxxer

    Mad props to rockshox for standing by current boxxer owners and making it retrofittable to previous models. Hopefully the dampers are easy to get a hold of and readily available. Its also good to see a relationship oriented marketing approach being used by rockshox, i've never understood why we...
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    SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain

    Can definitely see a small manufacturer producing a 7 speed one piece cassette that works on standard hubs with 10 speed spacing using similar tech to sram and coming it at half the price. If not someone should get onto it.
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    SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain

    Dat price. It really is the ideal drivetrain for downhill however the cost to upgrade doesn't seem worth it. That said i'll go an xx1 on my current 10 speed setup with my xo cooks it. Maybe mod it to 8 speed maybe won't, won't affect how much fun i have on my bike so probably won't bother. The...
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    Prototype Zerode trail bike

    Zerode, carbon, gearbox, strange linkage
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    Evil Undead

    So what's the consensus of durability of the undead? Aside from poor original bearing have they been pretty much problem free? Any issues with play developing in the linkages?
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    Full Face Helmets

    Looks like its heading that way. Still interested in the new Giro though to save some cash but it doesn't look like anyone has tried one and i don't really want to be the Guinea Pig.
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    Full Face Helmets

    Well the time has come when my current TLD D3 has a few seasons under its belt and is pretty beat up. In the past it was pretty easy to choose a helmet as the D3 was far superior protection wise but also looked better than the competition. But now there are so many more viable options. My...
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    Complete Guide to Downhill Rubber

    So after having been on maxxis for years i'm considering trying out some schwalbes for a bit. My regular combo is a 2.5 minion dhf on the front and either the same or a 2.4 high roller 2 on the rear. As for riding conditions i'd say i mostly ride conditions similar to whistler in summer, so hard...
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    Scott Gambler 2013!

    How are people finding the long term durability of the gambler? Like bearings and pivots? I do a bit of travelling and thus don't get to do regular maintenance like i would at home. Much news on the 2014 models and release date yet (other than whats in the 2014 thread), specifically the frame...
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    Val di Sole (ITA) 2013 World Cup #2

    Hill's dominating form did not end with a demo. He won the overall the first year he was on a demo and world champs the next year after being off the bike for several months due to injury. The off season has been ridiculously long this year so its understandable that they might take a race to...
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    Is this the dumbest thing I've ever seen?

    Gee some people are old and hate change....... For starters the xx1 comparison is due to the "straight parallelogram" and doesn't mean it has 11 speed spacing (which it may or may not have). I think its a step forward as we all know 10 speed isn't needed for downhill and any product designed...
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    Ft. William 2013 World Cup Round 1

    He's not racing. He's there supporting/coaching the aus juniors
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    whats coming up from TLD Thread

    +1 to bring back the d2 open face. Been searching for one for years with no luck. I run one of my old full faces with the face thing cut off for dj's and trail rides when its cold.