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  1. The Rose

    new shock

    Check out the Stratos El Jefe, I run one on my AC and A friend has one on his Gemini DH and loves it. The STratos quality cannot be denied.
  2. The Rose

    Hey you guys, check out this burly new DH bike!!

    Looks like a rip off of the old Mongoose transport.
  3. The Rose

    Tires for Sandy conditions?

    I rode those Kolassal's for a while. Man are those things heavy. I think Kenda has them listed with an MSRP of 5 dollars on their website so if you like them buy them up before they are gone. I don't think they will be made anymore. They have been replaced by the BG and the Nevegal. :thumb:
  4. The Rose


    I run a Blue groove 2.7 front and a 24 inch nevegal 2.5. I run them both at 20 PSI on rhyno lites and I haven't had a problem all season at Diablo. I am a lighter rider ( 165 lbs) so maybe that has something to do with it. One of the guys I ride with runs his at about 24 lbs, and they hold up...
  5. The Rose

    lightweight 2.3 xc tire

    Try something a bit different and look into the continental gravity. I run the vapor and It works well in most conditions.
  6. The Rose

    Tires for Sandy conditions?

    I ride in Allaire state park in NJ, which is notorious for it's loose sandy trails. I have found after 6 years of trying different tires that Kenda Kinetics work the best. The 2.35 version of the tire bites deep and holds in the sand, and they have enough volume to keep you from sinking in too...
  7. The Rose

    Wheel opinion

    there is no substitue for a quality human built wheel. check out LBS for some deals on wheels. They always have stuff laying around. If you have to go mail order those two wheels are both solid wheels. You cant go wrong with the shimano hubs.
  8. The Rose

    Thoughts on an AC as an XC bike?

    I had 2 AC's . My first was stolen at Pedro fest. The insurance paid for another one. In my opinion the bike is a "do all" bike. My first one I rode mostly trails. My new one I have setup as a DH bike. You just can't deny the strength of the frame. The bike has been downgraded since the onset of...
  9. The Rose

    Thoughts on an AC as an XC bike?

    Its good to see some AC fans around. The key to the light AC is the wheel set. If you get a nice light rim hub combo and slide on some light kevlar bead tires you should be ripping those XC trails up. Also you can run it in the shorter travel positions and have the rear end behave itself , even...
  10. The Rose

    Some advice?

    Giant Trance and Giant NRS. Both good bikes and both are very efficient.
  11. The Rose

    Stratos El Jefe vs Romic vs Swinger 4 Way

    Keep the El Jefe, I sold my old swinger and put the stratos on and I have never regreted the change. I don't think you'll find a shock with a better feel. And just as a side note I really didn't like the spv for DH.
  12. The Rose

    Stratos El Hefe?...

    I run the El Jefe on my AC. Great shock, huge upgrade over the stock swinger 4 way. super smooth, alot of adjustment. Great company to deal with also. Highly recommended. A couple guys I ride with are running them on their bikes as well.
  13. The Rose

    Boxxer Team vs. Slider plus

    I just replaced my 04 slider plus with an 05 boxxer team. The team is a much nicer fork, much more plush. The slider was pretty harsh at times and did cause some arm fatigue. I love the boxxer and would recommend it over the slider any day.
  14. The Rose

    Hadley hub question

    pretty sure the dont have a site. I have no idea about figuring out th eyear of the hub.
  15. The Rose

    Azonic Body Armor?

    the only problem i have with mine, is that it rides up ,causing the spine protector to hit the back of my helmet, other than that it has saved me more times than i can remember. also after 2 years the kidney belt velcro is all but worn out.
  16. The Rose

    Rear Floater on my AC

    do they actually weigh 2 lbs? It felt alot lighter than that to me. I should have thought to weigh the thing before I bolted it on.
  17. The Rose

    Rear Floater on my AC

    Yo MikeD, what you need is a sawzall and a welding rig, that should loosen the rear end up a bit.
  18. The Rose

    BETD Linkages on Giant AC

    I talked directly to a giant rep and he said that giant would warranty any AC regardless of year if it was equiped with a dual crown fork.They recieved so many questions about running the forks , they tested it out and realized that they would hold up fine. And it seems to me that regardless of...
  19. The Rose

    Rear Floater on my AC

    All this because I wanted to show off my beefed up AC. This is great. :thumb:
  20. The Rose

    BETD Linkages on Giant AC

    I believe i read them on MTBR. And the AC is compatible with the DC forks