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    Kelly McGarry, Ouch!

    It wasn't a landing to flat. Correcting for perspective it had to be reasonably steep. Also the damage to headtube is only because the wheelset collapsed and fork plowing into stone leveraged the frame. Seriously, go watch Rampage... The way wheels break under him is scary. And I reckon it is...
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    Kelly McGarry, Ouch!

    Does anybody else feel like Atomlab is trying to murder McGarry?
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    And yet still. It looks waaay less retarded than them fatbikes...
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    Very nice.
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    Why is EVERY click within DH forum trying to rape me with some Mormon propaganda? Is the end near?
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    Oh yay a bottom bracket thread

    I think we need more BB standards!
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    [UP! 3rd page - uninterrupted ST] Proto EN01

    The designers of which always claimed that other engineers have no idea what they are doing.
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    SCOTT's New Gambler Photos

    FWIW I have a 2014 Gambler 20 frame for sale with new mainframe.
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    Fox DHX RC4 compresion adjustment

    Yes, they add moar shimz!
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    almost died .... (Easton, we have a problem)

    I have seen shit like this too many times to trust carbon for anything important on front of the bike. Don't get me wrong, I love carbon, I love how it feels. But I would never use it for bar, stem or fork for that matter. I can deal with shit breaking on the backside of the bike, but I don't...
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    NSMB review of an *GASP* E-bike....and the sh!tstorm that followed

    I for one welcome our new electric overlords!
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    Dude I have been waiting for this for 15 years. What are you talking about?
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    best all rounder front tyre

    Maxxis High Roller 2.35 ST front, 60a back.
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    And at least I only need Procore on the last tire. If grip is really as much better as they say... Then I probably do not care about cost or weight at all.
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    DT hub ring nut removal

    Dunno man, for hubs I would go with Hope over DT anyday. For spokes I would always go with Sapim CX-Ray If I cared about weight and/or durability. And for rims I am not rich enough to use DT.
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    DT hub ring nut removal

    I never understood the obsession about DT anything really. DT stuff to me seems a lot like Crank Bross stuff, the only comparative advantage in relation to other offerings is higher price.
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    But that is exactly what Procore is. It is a tubular with a special butterfly valve thingy that allows inflation of the low pressure chamber. AFAIK it is in no way exclusive to Schwalbe tyres.
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    I don't understand what you are tying to say here.
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    XT Ice Ice baby... Freeza maybe

    Fatty Boom Boom?