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  1. RMboy

    2012 prototypes: keep 'em coming!

    enve stem is Alu right?
  2. RMboy

    Leatt sues Atlas brace

    It was bound to happen soon. They are all so close to each other design wise someone was going to step on the other ones toes. Someone said about "why are they suing Atlas not Alpine star" easy to push around. LOL could be some truth in that A stat is massive compared to Leatt and they would...
  3. RMboy

    PTFE (?) coating for fabricated bushing.

    Hi Mate I don't see why you could not do it. I'm sure someone would. I would be surprised if you could do it yourself... However it would be the cost. if you only doing a few, the cost maybe very high :-S Brass is self lubricating, but you are right metal on metal not a good idea...
  4. RMboy

    Leatt Braces... someone had to say it

    But also before i get flamed, like i said in my original post Its not i think they are a bad idea... I just think the Leatt one is designed really poorly...(pm if you want the details i did a Bachelor in engineering on them) I think with more development better ones will come that will make a...
  5. RMboy

    Leatt Braces... someone had to say it

    LOL Scorpion, i have no idea what that is I can only guess, must be some yank wording Well it sort of does make sense. You have prob only had a neck brace for a few years now. And unless you only started riding a few years ago, im sure you used to ride without one... As they did not really...
  6. RMboy

    Leatt Braces... someone had to say it

    Im sorry mate but.... LOL Nothing will save you when your hit in the head by a motorbike! Leatt is a fashion accessory... People just seem to think that it saves them now as they feel it in the way when the crash..LOL well of course you do its in the way!!! before you just rolled out...
  7. RMboy

    Teva vs FiveTen

    Just got my set of Teva shoes. I have to say I am very impressed. Firstly mental colours, but hey thats cool :-). Secondly they are good quality from what i can see and seemed to have thought of everything, even suff like reversing the tread on the sole to aid in walking down a track (could be a...
  8. RMboy

    carbon rims for life?

    I dont know if anyone cares to, but the whole MTB community seems to forget that Carob is very veyr bad for the Enviroment. the manufacturing of it is harmful. And then how do you recycle it. :-) Just putting my hippie bit in :-)
  9. RMboy

    carbon rims for life?

    Is anyone on here actually an Engineer with Carbon Fiber technical experience and knowledge?? if so only listen to them. As i think everyone else is just speculating.
  10. RMboy

    built up 2011 Canfield ONE

    Very nice build bud.. But holy crap is the frame ugly. Canfield need to go got back to straight tubes... :-)
  11. RMboy

    DH + College

    This is true, you do export fine women and fine vodka. However czech republic and Slovakia Produce better women. My woman is from Slovakia and they are a fine breed. ;-) The English girls have not got that much better. There are som good ones around. However i hold out hope for the younger...
  12. RMboy

    DH + College

    Norbar are you Polish? Guessing you are If so come to England. Most of your people are here now. its pretty much poland. You do make the best Vodka too, so can you bring some? i got into alot of trouble telling a Russian the Polish made better Vodka than them. :-)
  13. RMboy

    DH + College

    Come to England! We have Universities none of the collage crap! Women are always up for a ragging. They love someone who they think is from the OC and you will have a good time + we have 1 to 2 min downhills! Any you dont need a lift you can walk up. YES MATE Come to England and have a great...
  14. RMboy

    Astar or Leatt

    Both of them really are about as good as each other. They both make a lot of claims to protecting you from this and that. but before they came along we seemed to be ok when we crashed. But now every one says.."god my neck brace so took the impact" Well of course it did its right behind your...
  15. RMboy

    Stem survey for my college thesis

    Done bud. Enjoy ;-)
  16. RMboy

    Atlas Brace Technologies

    LOL look similar to my design i put in my portfolio.... Even down to the removal of the brace in a incident to protect the neck... Oh well i never patented it. :-)
  17. RMboy

    Kashima or not to Kashima, that's the question

    Thats actually a very good question. :-) I read that the Coating has mizillions of little pours that help the oil cling to it. So in theory makes the fork smoother as the seals are been lubricated.. please correct if wrong ;-) So all your getting is slightly smoother forks, with some bling...
  18. RMboy

    Red Bull Foxhunt

  19. RMboy

    And Devinci Enters the World of Carbon DH

    Ohhhh... Seems useful :-)
  20. RMboy

    Formula RO brakes

    I dont understand why people complain about the saints having no modulation... I can modulate mine just fine...Learn to brake :-)