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  1. S.G.D

    Replace Shimano Saint clutch lever?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the clutch lever on a Saint derailleur? Shimano offers a part number: Y5Y298140. However, I'm not sure if that guarantees it can be replaced. Thanks!
  2. S.G.D

    Shameless self promotion: New Photo Website is live.... Enjoy

    photos looks good, but I suggest killing the horizontal scrolling. I think most people on the internet will agree that using your mouse to drag stuff around is annoying. It also inhibits people from being able to scan the page and browse around without a lot of effort.
  3. S.G.D

    2012 Windham World Cup

    Lopes really driving that flat pedal argument into the floor.
  4. S.G.D

    Val di Sole 2012 - Official Thread?

    The French update on his facebook page was a little different than the english version. It said he was at the hospital and had just left the surgical ward with a broken pelvis but that they had more exams to do. Anyone calling career needs to think about Fabien and his broken femur a few years...
  5. S.G.D

    Name that ziptie?

    awesome! Thanks guys.
  6. S.G.D

    Name that ziptie?

    It looks like more than just a normal ziptie. Can someone tell me where to find these or what they are called? Thanks.
  7. S.G.D

    Looking for a downhill coach.

    It sounds like you're looking for a personal trainer that has experience training downhill riders and not so much a downhill coach (riding techniques or something) I know of these two: http://bondtraining.ca/ (Trained a friend of mine who podiumed at nationals) http://www.performxracing.com/...
  8. S.G.D

    Found deal on ST42 High rollers.

    Just grabbed 4 for myself. Thanks!
  9. S.G.D

    2012 team rumour and speculation

    that "logo" is a ****ing abortion.
  10. S.G.D

    With Harts win

    Personally, I see offering free embedded videos for significant events like that to be a funnel to bring people into the Freecaster ecosystem. If Freecaster was allowing people to embed THEIR video player while it goes viral they can use that as leverage to draw in potentially interested...
  11. S.G.D

    With Harts win

    there is no way 4$ replays are going to keep them in business anyway. sometimes you need to give a little to expand your user base.
  12. S.G.D

    Interbike 2011- Let us know what you want to see

    i demand the future!
  13. S.G.D

    Interbike 2011- Let us know what you want to see

    this is for 2011?
  14. S.G.D

    Interbike 2011- Let us know what you want to see

    Devinci Wilson. super curious to see the builds and colors. Thanks!
  15. S.G.D

    The Freecaster/WC coverage 2012 thread

    Makes me wonder where they got their unique visitor numbers from and could it REALLY be bigger than Pinkbike or essentially the same size as MTBR without anyone knowing about it?
  16. S.G.D

    The Freecaster/WC coverage 2012 thread

    This site seemed a little empty, so i took a look around some of my favorite resources to see if i could find out anything about it's traffic in comparison to some of the most popular sites we all know. Compete: - look for unique visitors Dirt: http://siteanalytics.compete.com/dirt.mpora.com/...
  17. S.G.D

    WC Round 1: Pietermaritzburg, SA

    who cares about Gwin...BAREL!
  18. S.G.D

    Orange 322 Prototype DH bike

    I think by 'outdated' you mean 'out of fashion on the internet.' it's long, it's low, it's slack, it's light and in the right hands i can guarantee you this bike will be fast just like all it's predecessors.
  19. S.G.D

    Orange 322 Prototype DH bike

    clearly everyone here has ridden an orange and knows what they are talking about. clearly...
  20. S.G.D

    Talk me into/out of a TLD D3

    Love my D3.