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    2016 Gamblers

    The new 2016 Gamblers! No carbon swings? Hard to see if the 710 has one but doesn't look like it!
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    KS Lev Integra problem

    Hi! My 2015 KS Lev Integra have developed a fault, when extended it stops at 115mm, I can lift it the remaining 10mm, when releasing, it gets sucked down to 115mm. If I pull it upp to 125mm with the lever pushed in and releases the lever and saddle it stays at 125mm but when weight is put on...
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    Giant Glory Advanced.. is it for real!?

    I found a Glory Advanced on this German bike company page.. so its for real! Or.. ;) http://www.jehlebikes.de/giant-glory-advanced-0-2015.html
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    Fox Float Fork rebound shaft broken

    Hi, My friends rebound adjuster shaft snapped during a lower leg service, it seemed damage by the previous owner and sheered before even feeling the "finger tight" resistance when tightening the nut. I have found the rebound assembly kit on fox tech site, 820-03-135-Kit and I hope this...
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    Scott Gambler 2013!

    I just bought the Gambler 20 2013 and owning a 2011 CCDB in 9.5x3.0 I have the option to rebuild it to a 10.5x3.5 length, my other option is to buy a 10.5x3,5 Fox RC4 factory 2013 at a discounted price. Do you think the RC4 factory will work with the frame leverage curve 2.7-2.2 out of the...
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    Fox 40 R OEM upgradeable?

    Hi, I have emailed mtbservice@foxracingshox.com and asked if I can upgrade the 2013 40 R OEM fork with a RC2 cartridge, they don't seem to bother answering me. Does anyone know for a fact if this is possible? Is it the same stations and lowers as a 2013 Fox 40 RC2? Thanks!
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    Visiting California

    Thanks for the input! Well starting off in LA, down to San Diego, quick visit to Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Montery bay and San Francisco. Will visit Sea Otter Classic for sure! :weee:
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    Visiting California

    Hi, I will be visiting California in April, might as well check if there is any possibility to ride some dh trails. Coming from Sweden I dont know any places to ride in California so I would appreciate some help finding dh spots/bike parks open for rental and lift accessible trials in...
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    CCDB owners help! Loud noise

    The shock does not sound as much as prior to the rebuild by TF tune, still there is a noticeable sound. Tested a demo with a CCDB, same sound there. The shock performs without any problem. Best of luck with your shock.
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    Scott Gambler 2013!

    Whats the reason the top end bike comes with a Fox RC2 instead of the Fox RC4? Just curious :)
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    CCDB owners help! Loud noise

    Hi All, The shock landed at TF tune today and they state that the IFP O-ring was faulty. Shock is on its way back to me today, great service! However I haven't heard anything from Malcolm or Cane Creek.. I hope it will work fine now with no more problems, haven't even had time to ride it...
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    CCDB owners help! Loud noise

    I have contacted both TF Tune and Cane Creek for their opinion on what to do. I have mail Cane creek before in another matter but they havent responded in over 2 week time, anyone have a better mail contact than info@canecreek.com? Thanks again
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    CCDB owners help! Loud noise

    Thanks for the comments. 1) Not my clip, I have now uploaded a clip with my bike without the spring. 2) Brand new ccdb from TF Tune England This clip is of my actual bike without the spring attached. video-2011-12-08-18-20-26.mp4 - YouTube
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    CCDB owners help! Loud noise

    Hi, I just got a ccdb and it sound very much compared to my Fox RC4. I found this video on youtube and mine sounds the same. Is this normal for the shock? I guess its the oil passing that makes the sound but this loud? Cane creek double barrel noise test - YouTube *EDIT* This is video of my...
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    Possible crack? Lapierre dh 920

    Thanks for the replies! I have now checked under the PC and I cant find any sign of a crack in the metal. The Frame will hopefully live on for another season and thats good cause I really like the ride! Thanks!
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    Possible crack? Lapierre dh 920

    Hi, Found this when I was cleaning my Lapierre Dh 920 2010 up for winter service. Could this be a crack underneath the paint? Sending som pics to the bike shop tomorrow to see what Lapierre says about this. The pic is taken on the rear triangle brace. Only used for one season around...
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    Mondraker Summum Experience?

    How is the bushing and axle assembled? Anyone care to supply some pics? I'm thinking of getting a Summum but now Im questioning the design. Can you buy standard replacement bushing hardware to replace worn axle/bushings? Like the ones TF tune and others sell. Like this Mount Kits, 12.7mm - for...
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    Fox 40 preload knob issue

    My 2010 is unwinding too.. anyone know of a fix for this?
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    Obtainium, do they still make springs?

    I've got the 300 x 3.0 nukeproof Ti-spring and it weighs in at 281g. :thumb:
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    Freecaster Maribor World Cup Feedback

    Ok quality and the feed only went down one time for me, the price is reasonable. :thumb: