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  1. fattyfat1

    colonnade woes

    went to the collonade to check it out...... came home with some wierd bacterial infection that the doc said is from bum piss. found mostly in tent cities, homeless shelters, underpasses. 2 week course of nasty, huge horse pills is supposed to clear it up. i hate bum piss. i should have listened...
  2. fattyfat1

    exit video

    the helmet cam footage on nsmb of 27 is insane. i haven't been there in a few years but could totally recognize it. now that it's on you tube, nsmb, the whole world is gonna know about that place. everybody knows about your "secret" trail! call the forest police! it will be shut down in no time...
  3. fattyfat1

    washinton shore style

    go to Post canyon in Hood River OR. it's about three hours from you, nearly rideable all year, and has great stunts for all abilities. if you want pics, goto Gorge freeride associations website. just google it, i'm too lazy to post a link for ya. there is everything from a skills area to 40...
  4. fattyfat1

    Tool at the Paramont May 2nd....

    saw em' at the portland rose garden and lolla 3, ggrreat band but lackluster live shows, would feel like a toolbox paying 66 bucks, although paramount would be excellent venue! love to go but not for that coin. gwar shows are only 20$ if thats not the best 20$ i ever spent, i don't know what is...
  5. fattyfat1

    Vancouver, WA

    www.gfra.org check this out!:thumb: all this goodness is 1 hr. from you!
  6. fattyfat1

    South Sound Pump Track.

    oly, i keep my tractor at a friends blueberry farm in rochester. its a john deere 4310 with a frontloader and box blade. i'm mobile with it and it can do the digging of fifty men! rochester is purty close to you, right?
  7. fattyfat1

    Looking for people to ride with

    i live an hour south of olympia and ride some really fun trails in longview/kelso. lemme know if you want to go ride....
  8. fattyfat1


    gwb, i can identify w/ your opinionated posts and generalized statements, my whole world revolves around them. unlike you who i always thought of as a sensitive, caring person on these boards, i generally think people suck, and look to the mtb community for likeminded comraderie. unfortunately...
  9. fattyfat1

    The Gathering - who picked the uber lame live bands?

    I didn't go sat., just friday, and i would have to say that the bands were not good. that wouldn't however make me not want to bring my two little boys. there was no profanity, rude drunk people, or flagrant lewdness that made me feel uncomfortable, and the only reason i didn't bring them was...
  10. fattyfat1

    Go Hawks!

    Just Showin Some Support! Who's With Me!
  11. fattyfat1

    The Gathering - who picked the uber lame live bands?

    wow! amazing how your post, not your avatar makes me want to find you and hit you as hard as i can!:mad:
  12. fattyfat1

    Got a ticket on my bicycle...

    got a failure to stop ticket on my mtb in college. fine was 35$ on the ticket. DID NOT go on my driving record or insurance because it was not a motor vehicle. took it to court, judge laughed at the cop, basically called him an #sshole, dropped my fine, but kept the ticket "on file". we ALLWAYS...
  13. fattyfat1

    Camping in Whistler

    how the hell do you know? you're from s.b. i've camped in the parking lot plenty of times and never had 1 problem yet. also camped at riverside and stayed in many a village hotel. my most memorable trips to whistler consisted of "dirtbaggin' it" in the parking lot. you make it out to sound like...
  14. fattyfat1

    allright ladies, some help needed!

    :thumb: :dancing: oops! i hope i didn't spoil anything! yes it is and we have been riding w/ thor and jenn fo years. she knows her quite well because we hang out quite often. the pro racer thing still intimidates her though. super supportive, yes. couldn't ask for a better woman friend to ride...
  15. fattyfat1

    allright ladies, some help needed!

    so, i'm trying to get my wife back into riding. heres a little history.... we have both been riding mtb since 89'. allways together. trips to moab, colorado, and all over WA and OR. four years ago we both got full suspension. 3 years ago we decided to have kids. she sold her bike because she...
  16. fattyfat1

    screwed up wheel build

    krispy built the wheels for my downhill bike 3 years ago, and they just now could use a mild truing. many a whistler trip and 3 seasons of racing...... best hand built set of wheels i ever had. props to you man! send your wheel work to go-ride, you won't be disapointed, and thanks to Chris...
  17. fattyfat1

    allright guys, what bike for my wife?

    prolly alittle too much bike. she'll still want to ride it around the lake and xc epics but have enough travel and beefiness to do bigger stuff too. she would like to have something alittle lighter than me (my xc bike is an 04 stinky w/marz. 66rc. bwaaaahaaaaaa! 42lbs. downhill bike is a...
  18. fattyfat1

    allright guys, what bike for my wife?

    i've narrowed it down to 2 bikes for her. 1000$ range. specialized enduro w/fox float and marz. EXR:dead: (i hate that fork) or the giant reign(sp?) with manitou stance and swinger air. (i hate manitou) the enduro has avid mechs and hozzefeller cranks:thumb: the giant has race face xc cranks and...
  19. fattyfat1

    OT-Snowboarder Survives 100+ Foot Fall at Alpental

  20. fattyfat1

    Mmmmm...new Rotec

    is that rob's? what a whore! that thing looks omigodkickass!