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  1. Trilliamiano

    2015 DH Race Schedule

    From what I've seen the trails there are more "Bike Park" style and less raw like Massanutten. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, I've seen videos and the trails look really fun and well built!
  2. Trilliamiano

    Beech Mountain Info

    I've had two lift days at Beech this year on my Giant Trance trail bike (5in bike) and it has been a blast! The whole beginner trail and sections of the others trails seem more fun on a trail bike to me. I've been able to ride all the trails up there, including smashing the big rock garden on...
  3. Trilliamiano

    any reason not to get the GF a Reign X1?

    http://www.livgiant.com/en-US/showcase/intrigue/#overview You should check out the Liv/Giant Intrigue. My girlfriend works for Liv/Giant and she rides her intrigue for almost everything these day (from xc to big mountain stuff like Moab and Whistler). From what she has told me the bike pedals...
  4. Trilliamiano

    The Very Unofficial Gravity South Schedule 2014

    http://www.pinkbike.com/video/156063/ Video form the race where Shred just posted the podium pics. The last shot captures Matt in action with the classic whisky glass hulk smash
  5. Trilliamiano

    TUCKFEST on old slalom course White Water Center

    Sweet, I'll have to check it out this weekend! Tuckfest is the same weekend as the Super D at Rocky Knob...
  6. Trilliamiano

    2014 Southern Super D Regional Championship Series

    Sweet, all of these races are within a 2 hours drive or less form my house.
  7. Trilliamiano

    Rumble in the concrete jungle January 11th

    This could be epic! I just hope the race course is only going down the river channel. They could use the conveyor to get people and bikes back to the top :thumb:
  8. Trilliamiano

    Upstate SORBA's Cranksgiving Weekend

    Just registered for the Super D and Enduro! Caroline is bringing her new Giant, so that means I have next to no chance at bringing home the title of fastest in the Washam/Westray household... Any word on the stages for the Enduro? The final stage last year was just downright mean ;) . That...
  9. Trilliamiano

    Beech Mountain Finale - Trash Talk

    Butch will repeat his performance from the Dirty Bird Pro Track race and drag brakes through every corner... Reclaiming his spot as the slowest man through the speed trap. Mueller will eat three lbs of pork butt, combined with a case of ice cold Modelo the night before the race. He pulls too...
  10. Trilliamiano

    Beech Mtn Resort 2013 - Park and Race Info Thread

    See Ya'll on Sautrday and Sunday! I'll be on a Mixture of a Black moorewood shova and a Magic Cycles rental Giant Reign. Freeride!!!!
  11. Trilliamiano

    Beech Mtn Resort 2013 - Park and Race Info Thread

    Yes! And now instead of the yellow brick road, Beech can be known for the "Stairway to Heaven"
  12. Trilliamiano

    Windrock Winter Race Series

  13. Trilliamiano

    Paris Mountain Super D/Enduro Weekend Nov. 17 & 18 2012

    I saw the Super-D map and elevation profile on the Cranksgiving website, can anyone confirm what trail the Super-D is run on? From what I saw at last year's DH race the map looks like the Super-D will run on the new Sulphur Springs reroute trail. I haven't made it back to Paris since last...
  14. Trilliamiano

    Troy Brosnan Wins Dual Slalom at Crankworx: Photos inside

    Lightning Luca Shaw! Representing for the the Old North State and the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
  15. Trilliamiano

    couple of questions about Beech champs weekend

    Mike, I'll be hitting you up! I'm stoked, getting my music together for the Rock Garden party zone on Sunday. Shoot, the mountain will be a party zone all weekend!
  16. Trilliamiano

    Mueller: Separated at birth?

    I thought this thread was going to have a picture of a dude rocking a sick flowing mullet with an ice beer in hand...
  17. Trilliamiano

    Beech Mountain volunteer workday - Sunday, May 20th

    Skip the pizza and go straight for the Italian beef and the tater hash at Fast Eddies hot dogs! Eddie is the man and he's very enthused about mountain bikers being on beech. His restaurant is right on the beech mtn parkway just before you get to the resort entrance. When I was up there for...
  18. Trilliamiano

    2012 updates for the Rocky Knob Bike Park

    I'm really bummed that I won't be able to make it out to Rocky Fest :mad: The terrain out there is awesome and I know the Boone riders, along with the trial pro's have found the best way to use all of the natural features. Can someone do some really sketchy bar humps on an old ass bike for me ;)
  19. Trilliamiano

    Beech Mountain Race Dates 2012

    Slalom + DH at every race is RAD!!!!