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    ***Sounds like a case of the Mondays GMT***

    **** Mondays. Worked all weekend on top of that.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Today is a day that will live in INFAMY!

    Funny guy, oh funny guy
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    Would these shifters do?

    I bought some brake levers looking to replace my current ones, but after taking a look the shifter is integrated with the current levers... Looking for a "cheap" replacement for the shifter as I don't want to dump too much money into this Hardrock and came across these and these . I mean...
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    Changing levers...

    Greaaaat... Wasn't planning on new shifters. At this rate only the frame is going to be original soon haha
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    Changing levers...

    Just got my Avid 7 levers, and didn't "try" replacing them yet but have a question after taking a look... Is it possible that my shifter is part of the brake lever that's currently on there? It seems to be either one piece or mounted to the levers... Seeing how the Avid's have a different form...
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    First DH

    I agree with all of you! It was sorta tough, or not, I didn't ride for more than 5-10 minutes to really rate the whole green trail, plus I might've crossed to the blue one as they intersected. I blame overconfidence, not having a feel for the bike, and the extremely grabby front brake... oh yea...
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    First DH

    Went to give downhill biking a try with two friends, long story short... we all went to the ER. Nothing too serious though and only one broken bone between us three. I was the first to fall, left the bike and landed about 5-6 feet ahead and from about as much in the air... rough landing I...
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    New here

    What's with this place and glitter?
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    Looking for pedals!

    I think I like those Zuzu pedals, enough pins to really rearrange my shins.
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    Incompetent car mechanics...

    I've been in the same boat as you, but it was only one wheel... Though I did take it to the shop, dealer nonetheless, and it cost me 115 bucks to tighten.
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    Looking for pedals!

    Hey all! I'm in need of some new pedals for my '09 Hardrock... the plastic one's just don't inspire much confidence under my 200lbs and I've almost slipped off countless times on my mere 3-4 xc park rides. Looking around I found a lot of people to recommend the Crank Bro's 5050, Wellgo MG-1...
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    Helmet cam From Sunpeaks

    Looks insane... Only a 50 hr drive for me.
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    !@#Finally Effin FridayGMT#@!

    Friiiidaaaaayyyy. Time to get loaded.
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    Random idiocy...

    Drove with one front wheel loose for a week. Lucky the bolts didn't snap... This was thanks to a shop though, not my own doing. Cost $115 to fix at the dealer (thought suspension component was shot so brought in for warranty. Loose lug nuts aren't covered by warranty :rofl:).
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    NYC trails?

    Any of you guys go weekday/weekend mornings? Say around 10/1030? I've been going with a friend but I don't think mtb'ing is for him as he doesn't have the same motivation to go as he did before. Don't want to ride alone!
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    Microsoft Surface

    I wrote a little something about this thing on my site... Basically, it will probably cost way too much and still be a tablet.
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    Ordered some BB7s!

    Did you want some for your balls?
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    Ordered some BB7s!

    So they've arrived! Too bad I left for work before they did. Now I don't feel like doing anything.