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    Pedal Washer?

    I recently purchased Weyless B-37 Pedals and during installation noticed the washers I used (which didn't come with the pedals) became bent. After removing pedals, I noticed the base of where the washer sits flat against the pedal threads does not have a traditional round flat base, therefore...
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    BB length

    I was wandering if there was a standard BB length for mountain bike frames regardless of the frame's actual BB width. I have four different mtb frames and noticed they all had slightly different widths at the bottom bracket area ranging between 2.6" and 2.9" wide while I was deciding on what to...
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    TeChNiCaL BMX sizing and gearing charts :)

    I happened to find this website that gives a pretty technical description of BMX sizing and gearing. The website is intended for bmx racers, but still valuable whether you are on the track, street, or park. http://supertrakbmx.com/content/view/3/5/
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    Upgrading an Argyle 302

    I assume you never disassembled a fork before. I once serviced Rock Shox foks (replacing oil), which involved removing lowers, replacing oil and seals. If you can follow directions carefully and have the right parts, I would say go for it, but make sure you study the service manual until you...
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    Is this a good deal for a Noob bike??

    ...........should of read the last reply before posting, no worries! Let us know how the sugar rides. Enjoy!
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    Is this a good deal for a Noob bike??

    As a pure mountain biker and soon-2-be BMX'r (shopping for parts to customize over the Winter), from my experience, I would have to agree with most of the suggestions in not spending too much for your first "descent" mountain bike. I never got fitted for a bike, and regret doing so...had to go...
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    BMX winter project

    I agree with T1maglio, Most mountain bikes especially customized will cost over $1000. I have two mountain bikes, which I custom built...one cost $1,150 and the other $900. I did visit the bmx online store, www.danscomp.com, which Cru Jones suggested and glad I found it. Great selection of...
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    BMX winter project

    Finally got a Haro DJ frame (26") to build up over the winter, and interested in getting into the sport of BMX. I know very little about the sport, and not completely sure where to start. I custom build mountain bikes for a living, but never dealt with BMX...ideally, I prefer to buy a complete...
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    Northern VA dirt jumping trails??

    I didn't mean for my opinion to offend anyone. I do respect everyone involved in designing, building, and maintaining trails. If it came across as such, I apologize. If I had time, I would contribute to building trails myself. But I don't go out there like a rebel trying to vandalize It's...
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    Any Coments On This Fork

    http://www.mtbr.com/reviews/2007_forks/product_129745.shtml It appears they upgraded the cartridge damping, the travel, adjustment, and lowers for the 2007, which is nearly twice the cost as the 2006 model (QR, 145mm, $230 Pricepoint). The Nixon line of forks haven't gotten very good...
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    Better to buy wheelsets already built or...

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone...
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    The Hardtail 'Frames and Geometry' thread

    http://www.sinisterbikes.com/images/2006%20Images/2007_bikes/DNA/DNA_2007.pdf 2007 Sinister DNA (small) 73 mm ISCG bottom bracket shell 135 x 10 mm rear spacing 6.5 lbs. frame weight 1 - 1/8” deep press headset compatible 30.9 mm seat post no front derailleur 31.8 mm seat post clamp...
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    Northern VA dirt jumping trails??

    I agree with the fact that it takes a lot of effort to maintain trails, but the truth of the matter is, BMXer's don't own trails, and the same goes for mountain bikers. I am sure there are trails all over the place with different set ups. The plan was that those interested in learning to DJ...
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    Better to buy wheelsets already built or...

    This is an update to my previous request, where I needed suggestions on some DJ / FR wheels. After checking out the website, Universalcycles.com, I noticed they had many rims to choose from (even 24"), however, the rims alone cost over $50, hubs...another $100 (pair), and 32/36 spokes, not to...
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    Your Used Parts and Bikes For Sale Here for the Virginia and Surrounding Areas

    now $350? Could you just post this on Ebay. I'm really interested to see the bike online...let's finish the sale. thx
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    Your Used Parts and Bikes For Sale Here for the Virginia and Surrounding Areas

    Are you selling the complete bike or just the frame?
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    Your Used Parts and Bikes For Sale Here for the Virginia and Surrounding Areas

    Hi, is the GT 31.6 seatpost still available? do you accept Paypal?
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    Your Used Parts and Bikes For Sale Here for the Virginia and Surrounding Areas

    Hi, could you e-mail me pics if the '05 STP 2 if still available and also list complete specs, payment method + shipping? Were you willing to negotiate on the price? I prefer to use Paypal to complete the sale for safety and security of both parties. Thanks,
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    Difference between Giant STP 0/ 1/ 2/ 3

    I found a website that displays the difference between SPT1/2/3, http://www.pinkbike.com/news/article1942.html Apparently, there is a slight difference between STP 3 and STP 1 or 2 STP 3 chainstay yoke is weaker and the down tube is not as strong as the 1 or 2, and uses a standard head tube...
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    26" disc DJ wheel suggestions

    ...Mavic X729 laced to Cannondale Formula hubs are nice.