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  1. p-spec

    whos still riding an m9 ?

    Just wish it didn't creak and my 40 wasn't so fucking loud too with spring slap, looking too bleed the brakes when I get fresh covers for a lever, fresh rotors too maybe a new chain if I can find a 9 speed, maybe swap to m820 shifting, needs a ti 400lbs not this 350 and doesn't anyone know the...
  2. p-spec

    whos still riding an m9 ?

    Just to make sure from the non drive side witch direction are they suppose to tighten ?? And do you know the torques ?? Are you still greasing/ anti seizing your chips even withe your new box link ?? I have the new one, if it still creeks I'm thinking bb or the bushings on my ccdb.... 4130 I...
  3. p-spec

    whos still riding an m9 ?

    I only used it a year got fed up of the noise
  4. p-spec

    whos still riding an m9 ?

    3 box links ur shitting me, how could u tell they were good ??? Binding ?? Spacing ??? Axle line up ??? I recently torqued the fuck out of my flip chips n the bike seams quiet, havnt been to the mountain yet. Interesting chainline debate
  5. p-spec

    whos still riding an m9 ?

    pretty much, I still can't believe they didn't want to warranty my boxlink and got no support from my local distributer and had to pay for it as I also worked at a shop who at the time distributed intense. I'm thinking either my bb threads are toast and I need deeper cups like a king bb, or...
  6. p-spec

    whos still riding an m9 ?

    looking on getting mine freshened up and getting back out there. I stopped riding it cause it still creaked even after the new boxlink and bearings, anyway curious to know who is out there on one and how is it treating you. bb is one spacer to the left and 2 to the right, right ? cheers
  7. p-spec

    Post your 2013 ride.

    yep,my m9 is a pound more then a carbon demo,and theres no carbon and dh tires.
  8. p-spec

    Post your 2013 ride.

    nice yeti dude!
  9. p-spec

    Post your 2013 ride.

    have tried this,like my m9 more.
  10. p-spec

    Watching the Douche'ography of Shawn Palmer right now.

    this hole thread is amazing.
  11. p-spec

    light seats

    get a s-works toupe
  12. p-spec

    US worlds team

    and cause there is no one else to go.
  13. p-spec

    DVO Suspension - potential new player?

    no replacement spokes for you!
  14. p-spec

    Nukeproof Prototype DH

    looks like a tr450
  15. p-spec

    My friends Fox 40 has a hole in the lowers

  16. p-spec

    Evil Undead

    lool obviously its over exagerated.
  17. p-spec

    Evil Undead

    ps ianjenn, colnagos are made by giant pss I was offered a job to work for a giant store. Its not lie giant started as a OEM maker,then started their own line. But they seriously make more then 75%
  18. p-spec

    Evil Undead

    to bad giant makes 97% of all carbon bikes out there,and aluminiums.
  19. p-spec

    6 bike racks

    qft nga
  20. p-spec

    Giant Glory 0 2013

    If you ask me,they really f'ed up with the headtube. Their road bikes,wont go with a 1.5 bottom,trek was the first to do it,and it may be a copyright thing or they are saying 1/4 is better to differentiate themselves.