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  1. Jonas

    Hold On Loosely Tour: Banger Video inside *updated w/Episode #2!*

    Sick brah!!!!! A little piece of home.....
  2. Jonas

    Direct Mount Stems, what's up?

    Hi manhattan, For the reasons mentioned by dw earlier in the post we have ceased making the ALI Direct Mount Stem for the time being. There may be some distributors or dealers that have some leftover inventory but it's probably unlikely. The ALI Stem proved to be quite a popular product and...
  3. Jonas

    Downwillers request to manufacturers....

    When the hell did you get that thing, Dave? Last time I saw your machine it was built into your desk and had a chrome plated 18" round Mopar big block air filter bolted to the side of it. Sorry everyone. Off topic. As you were......
  4. Jonas

    BB/chainguide help??

    hey ymsb, it sounds like the backplate needs to be spaced outward by using supplied chainline spacers between the ISCG adapter plate and backplate of the guide. For installation and adjustment instructions please refer to the following page for a download of the data...
  5. Jonas

    Photos! Post 'em! ... but!

    Left to Right: Captain America incognito, Luc Ablert (without my cup of coffee), Sean Spomer - Sea Biscuit '06
  6. Jonas

    40lb post! DH/FR Rigs around the 40lb mark! tips, pics, specs

    Hey Ozzer, While the e13 setuop you have on there now will work, you may be going through some upper wearplates more frequently than normal. Bewteen the fact that there is a good amount of travel in the Socom and that the VPP designs run a little more sag than most other designs the upper...
  7. Jonas

    Canfield Lucky in the hands of a customer...

    crap. the e13 police showed up late...... .....gonna have to work on the quick draw technique. Nice ride jon-boy. The Lucky will treat you well. J
  8. Jonas

    Just wanted to say thanks E-13!!!!

    Hi Kram, If you give the office a call tomorrow, or even an email, we'd be happy to get the stem back and take a look at it for you. If it is defective then we'll get a new one out to you pronto. Please don't feel like you can't express an opinion, even if it's not a popular one. Opinions are...
  9. Jonas

    Q for you e.13 reducer cup users...

    Sup guys? Yeah, it may be you top cap bottoming on the upper cu-p surface, but that would mean you'd have a hard time turning the bars as well. You really don't even need to bother with the top cap. The bearings are sealed already, and while adding seals is good, it can lead to asumption that...
  10. Jonas

    For those wondering, e13 SRS and Saint cranks are compatible.

    Yeah, it's unfortunate, but maybe down the line they will make something that'll work. Don't quote me on that, though. The 83mm shell version of the Diabolus will work when coulped with their "reducer kit". I'm not sure what they call the kit, but that's what I call it. It's basically a...
  11. Jonas

    For those wondering, e13 SRS and Saint cranks are compatible.

    Hey PBR, For 2006 Specialized made the whole P.Series with an offset rear end. Though this has it's advantages it can be a little confining in regards to crankset choices for the time being. The offset rear end requires a 57mm chainline (which is what comes stock on the complete bike). The...
  12. Jonas

    E.13 Detailed pictures

    The BB spindle length should be determined by the rear end hub spacing. This will set a chainline that is needed for the frame. The adjustment of the chainguide tolerances is made by putting spacers between the ISCG moutning surface (tabs or adapter plate) and the guide's backplate. These...
  13. Jonas

    LG1 vs. SRS

    We know there is nothing to stop riders from making their own "tacos" from old bashguards, so we would just like to stress the fact that we are still in design mode for the part and would encourage you to utilize the facilities with discretion. We do, however, expect you all to pin it this...
  14. Jonas

    LG1 vs. SRS

    Hi Fellas (and Fellettes), Suggested retail for both is $149.95 Conversion kits are available. The SRS and LG1 both use the same revised backplate for 2006. You can leave the backplate on the bike and just change out the wear plastics and hardware and you're good to go. The LG1 will not...
  15. Jonas

    Is green Park grease bad for e.thirteen bash guards?

    The Park grease should be fine. Just try to apply it to the inside of the nut, though, as applying grease to the external threads of the bolt will allow the grease to pile up on the outside of the bolt as you thread it in. Just stay away from mineral spirit based lubes and grease like Prolink...
  16. Jonas

    E13 bash guard affected by certain lubes?

    As it turns out, we have found that there are a few lubricants that interact and compromise our polycarbonites. It seems that mineral spirit based lubes tend to chemically brinel our material. Though they are both great lubes, ProLink ProGold and Boeshield T-9 attack the polycarbonite in a way...
  17. Jonas

    e13 guide with truvativ stylo gxp crankset

    Please feel free to get in touch with us directly if you ever have any questions about any of our products. support@e13components.com or our office number 207.772.3132 EST regards, Jonas
  18. Jonas

    e13 guide with truvativ stylo gxp crankset

    Hi Scarpa, Just use the dremel tool to take a little material off the backplate. No big deal and won't hurt the guide a bit. There was a crossover in industry manufacturing practices and we had to scramble to adapt to the new external BB cups a while back. You just have one of the earlier...
  19. Jonas

    Poor e13 setup on new bikes.

    Hi J5ive, Can you get in touch with me if you get the chance? I'd like to discuss this issue with you so I can figure out what exactly is going on. Regards, Jonas support@e13components.com 207.772.3132 est
  20. Jonas

    06 e13 SST(26t) Chainguide?

    Correct - it's a 4-64 BCD for the crownwheel/bashugard mounting interface.