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    2009 Beech Mountain Triple Crown Series

    ANY takers on craigs 9 run challenge????
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    2009 Beech Mountain Triple Crown Series

    Yo, big props to ryan for putting on a race+getting a race course at beech! To all the people complaining about short practice times, get the **** off the internet and go practice riding your bicycle right now. Thats gonna help more than 1 extra run on saturdays practice. EAST COAST DH!! see...
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    Nighttime DH race at Windrock?

    nice motomike, keeping the "sweet meat" alive. Farris would be proud. It will be good to get together and ride some bikes. -pete
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    Nighttime DH race at Windrock?

    So its going to be sat. april 18th. Is the qualifier for the teams saturday afternoon or is that on friday. I hope it is saturday afternoon, then race saturday night. details... -peter repping unc asheville
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    Icycle 09 DH pics are up!

    yo, the icycle was a blast. Def. crashed in my race run. be back next year. -peter mills
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    Woodward East December 07

    yo, i am doing great, except for a bum knee. Got an MRI last week and i go back to the doctor tommorow. Hopefully i won't need surgury. -pete
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    Woodward East December 07

    nick soloninka and peter mills riding woodward east december 2007. Woodward is awesome -peter
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    spartanburg street

    zack rogers is my boy! He rips it up. -pete
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    testing my new frame

    Here are a few pics of me testing out my new eastern dj-4 frame. -peter mills http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/9532/mintwr4.jpg http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/2350/mainej3.jpg http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/703/98094277gg5.jpg...
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    Ohio Dreams... July 13-15

    what up sean and lee, i need to get up there before the summer is over. That park looks awesome. how far is it from rays? -peter mills
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    Went for a ride in the woods of NC

    The song is A to G by blackalicous, off the ablum NIA. That area is super fun to ride. -peter
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    Went for a ride in the woods of NC

    here is a little 1 min. video from a trip out into the woods of NC. -peter mills
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    New Nemesis Project Secret Agent.

    hey, I am working a movie of the spring and summer riding that i am doing. As i am starting to gather clips i thought i would toss a few together to show off the new nemesis project secret agent. . Much more to come. -peter mills
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    some riding pics

    hey, It is prett wild but i guess there is another peter mills that rides bikes, but video with the link in the middle is not me. I am not rad army films. But, that kid kills some suicide no-hander drops. -pete
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    some riding pics

    hey, here are some pics from my last trip to rays mtb park. Anyone htat has been to rays knows that it is off the chain. Greatest indoor riding faciltiy in north america. Props to josh lawson for taking the pics. The nemesis frame is rolling strong. -pete, there is a wall ride, wall tap...
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    Ray's MTB park video +some dj/park/street

    hey, Here is a video of myself riding at Ray's mtb park: Here is another video of myself riding some DJ/street/park: I know this is might not suppose to be in the freeride forum, but i just thought some people might like to check it out. Let me know what you think, also is anyone...