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    First ride of 2008

    Haha, no way. Always known you were one of these dry weather gimps;) ...and that track does look awesome compared to ours :twitch:
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    World Cup Finals - Maribor Slovenia

    You sure that not qualifying...posted at 1.34pm on the dirt website...quals finish at 1, finals dont finish till 4pm.
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    sag question

    You run your say at 12%...boy you like it hard! Im running at around 35%... How heavy are you?
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    06/07 Boxxer teams right/left stantions

    Hi, Now i know 06/07 boxxer wc's have different right/left stantions to allow for the solo air bit, but do the teams? Reason i ask is i have a scratched right stantion and a mate has a spare left stantion (after upgrading to wc's)... Will it to use a left team stantion as a right stantion...
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    Turner DHR(07), ORANGE GBR 224

    DHR all the way!
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    DU Bush Types

    Just about to order some, but which type? Options are... Polymer or metal with DU (blk) or DP (red coating). What are the differences? Cheers, Stu.
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    ROCO on Turner DHR

    Just checking as on some the resevoirs are a little too bulky since its designed to take a dhx.
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    ROCO on Turner DHR

    Does anyone know if a Roco WC will fit an 07 DHR? Cheers, Stuart.
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    Pike 426 Air Upgrade?

    Will this keep the u-turn function?
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    Please tell, as this is starting to drive me crazy...7" from an 8" fork!
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    2005 dhr for sale, complete.

    Wasn't aware SRAM made an X0 shifter in '04...
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    888 RC travel bump up

    You need new, 8" internals.
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    new bike

    Change the rear wheel to a 26"...a 24" will be awfull for racing. What other mods have you made to your boxxers other than a mojo cart?
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    Boxxer WC 2005 vs. Marzocchi 888 RC ?

    05 boxxer lowers?
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    888 Crowns?

    Anyone know if the lower flat crown will hit the downtube on a DHR with a zero stack headset? You know, just like the 40s do.
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    Anyone else having problems with Maxxis UST tires?

    Ive been using a tubeless highroller since feb with no problems. I also use stans with it, but it dont dry up that quickly...it should last 2-3 months before drying. I usually put a good glugg in each tyre so maybe all you need is more.
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    Boxxer Flat Crown on DHR

    Ive got a '05 DHR with e13 cups, fsa integrated headset and run 7" boxxers. I run a 1" drop crown with no problems.
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    888 '04 Vs 888 '05

    So am i too assume that all the problems with 04 888s have been solved? ;)
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    888 '04 Vs 888 '05

    Im currently looking at some '05 888RCs...It has be commonly said that '04 888s had their problems with cracking and holes due to quality control, but have these been fixed for '05. Are the '05 888s as reliable a fork as the hype says it is? I just dont wanna spend $1200 on a fork thats gonna...