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  1. fonseca

    Oh my god.

    I hope he survived. That's painful to watch.
  2. fonseca

    How To: Custom Colored Cables

    They can. :biggrin: You can buy housing in any color you want. I prefer to buy housing based on performance first (5mm or 5.5mm compressionless in full runs), but brands like Jagwire offer some good stuff in a lot of colors. That's exactly what I do. That with some clear vinyl applied to...
  3. fonseca

    Manitou Six-Way Damping Reduction

    I'm planning on changing the oil in mine to 2.5wt as well. My 6-way is on a 2.18:1 frame, and the rebound, HSC and LSC are backed most of the way out, 70psi, max SPV volume. Hopefully the lighter weight oil will give me greater range of adjustment. I hope you share your results.
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    ~Post your XC bike v2.0~

    My other XC bike: Weight is approx. 33lbs as pictured.
  5. fonseca

    Standover instead of a seat

  6. fonseca

    Fox 36 Talas

    Interesting. I wonder if it's backwards compatible. :hmm: Yep, that's one reason I've always liked the Hex Lock axle Manitou uses. And loathed the Marzocchi QR20. Oh, and the 36 is actually my XC fork. :biggrin: Well, mostly XC. It's lighter than my last few forks that were 130mm or...
  7. fonseca

    Fox 36 Talas

    How the heck? Do you mean the axle itself is 30% stiffer, or the entire fork is 30% stiffer solely due to the axle? Frankly I don't see how that's possible. My '07 Talas 36 is already so ridiculously stiff that I am aware of flex in other parts of my bike that I didn't notice before with...
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    32 or 36?

    What do you mean by "stronger"? More durable? I'd like to see that test. 36 spokes instead of 32 adds ~20g per wheel and results in a wheel that is 12.5% stronger. Says Sheldon Brown anyway. Sounds like a great tradeoff to me, and that's one reason all my rear wheels are 36h. I believe a...
  9. fonseca

    My Custom Morewood Izium

    That doesn't mean there aren't advantages (and disadvantages) to multi-pivot designs. Those guys could win on a Huffy. Regardless, the Izium looks great.
  10. fonseca

    My Custom Morewood Izium

    Why is that necessary? If you have an aluminum spoke and a titanium spoke of similar size, the ti one will be about 60% heavier, but have twice the tensile strength. That's a generalization of course, but then again we're speaking generally. Paper wouldn't be a good choice for spoke...
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    ~Post your XC bike v2.0~

    Bump. I just read your thread on emptybeer entirely. It was great to see the design take shape step by step. I'd love to get a custom frame one day myself. My XC bike was refurbished not too long ago, after spending the last year on something considerably heavier. Much more appropriate...
  12. fonseca

    My Custom Morewood Izium

    Ti is 60% heavier than al. But it's twice as strong.
  13. fonseca

    My Custom Morewood Izium

    Nice bike. If those are really ti spokes, I'm interested to know more. Sure they're not ano red al? Eh? I've been using 31mm wide rims for pure XC for the last five years. And isn't that about average size for a DH rim? In fact, I'm thinking about picking up some 35mm wide rims for XC...
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    Newbie to the forum....'bout dang time

    Nice . :thumb: You'll have to change your screen name now. :hmm:
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    saturday shuttles... where to go???

    It's been ridden. A lot. And it doesn't suck. :thumb:
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    Suspension bushings

    Universal Cycles lists a bunch. Just about every size for Manitou, or use Marzocchi hardware if you have a Fox. Speedgoat will also special order them for you for a very reasonable price. Just measure the inside to inside of the link, and get a one piece stainless reducer instead of the flexy...
  17. fonseca

    What's the loudest rear hub out there?

    That's true, however the Pro IIs are much higher quality, not just bearings and seals, but the pawls and engagement ring. I've been on the Abbahs for years now, and they've been good hubs overall, although they have failed a few times resulting in some very long hikes back to my car. But the...
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    What's the loudest rear hub out there?

    My Hope Pro II is so much louder than my Ringle Abbah. The Ringle is a pleasant buzz, while the Hope is flat out obnoxious.
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    ~Post your XC bike v2.0~

    Is it just the frame making it appear that way, or does that bike have a really short wheelbase? Very cool design. Looks like you have lots of standover.
  20. fonseca

    Stolen Bike: Jamis Dakar Expert

    Please keep an eye out for my brother's bike. Jamis Dakar Expert frame. Serial # WLH07297M Manitou Nixon Elite Fork. Sram X.0 shifters and 9.0 front and rear derailleurs. Bontrager Racedisc wheelset Panaracer Fire XC Pro tires Avid BB7 disc brakes Shimano LX M571 Crankset Raceface Deus stem...