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    ACL Tear??!!

    Ha this seems to be pretty common. I've torn my ACL like 3 times now. First time basketball and partial tear. 2nd time dirtbike and I actually tore the peice of bone up that the acl attaches to. Both I just did physical therapy and was fine. 3rd time really nasty one with a track accident...
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    06 sti pix

    I was soooo close to buying a used 04 sti with 24000 miles a couple weeks ago white with the pink sti racing accents. But nooooo.... I had to be responsible lol need to get a house first. Salesman was cool though let me get it to over 100mph and really try it out in some corners. I'll be...
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    What the heck

    Ok I'm trying to upload an avatar and I got it down to the required dimensions but I can't get the file size small enough. So I tried to host it with photobucket but it's still telling me the file is too large. Whats up with this? Why is the site limiting the file size when it's not even...
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    Talk about a serious case of blue balls

    Oh crap I laughed so hard when I read that. :D
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    i am officially retiring from ridemonkey...

    Shes hot. But not in your typical southern cali girl hot. Shes the without trying kind of hot.
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    i am officially retiring from ridemonkey...

    Ha ha this thread is funny. Oh and I've seen the pics of Irie too :D
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    Need help..FOX DH40 or 36VAN???

    I'd say 36VAN or one of the new Travis forks.
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    Need help..FOX DH40 or 36VAN???

    Also depends on which bike you have.
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    New bike suggestions wanted

    Yeti 575 Enduro build. It's about 2300 US so maybe out of his price range but the bikes a great deal. Lightwieght 5+ inches of suspension travel. It's what I'm going to buy.
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    Living in the 4 corners area

    I live in Farmington love the town allthough there are a bunch of morons here even though that goes along with pretty much any town lol. As far as I know there are a ton of good trails around here. Just getting into mountainbiking haven't even bought a bike yet. Pretty much if you like...