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  1. cowman

    2016 TLD

    @stiksandstones I actually have the same snap issue on my 2015 sprint pants. They like to un-snap even when adjusted not too tight around my waist. I 2nd the praise on the newer ruckus shorts - amazing piece of kit IMO, but I do wish they were available without the chamois as most people have...
  2. cowman

    2015 New dh rides thread - no enduros because kickstand hates them

    New Phoenix - rides like a dream. Anyone want to buy my old Phoenix? :)
  3. cowman

    So how many of you will be on 27.5(650b) for 2015??

    Here's my new ride, just built it up last night. Excited to take it out this weekend.
  4. cowman

    Pivot Phoenix geo = strange

    Not sure where that info originated from, but I just got word yesterday that they'll be shipping out to shops later this month. You may want to check again :) :)
  5. cowman

    Charger install, whats this bit?

    I don't know for sure, but it looks like a compression/crush washer that goes between the nut that threads onto the bottom of the damper and the lowers.
  6. cowman

    Rear kicks or bounces up when hitting things at high speed?

    First, I'd start with the basics. Do you have the proper spring rate (~30% sag)? Is the pressure in the boost valve in the proper range (~150 psi)? What bike is this on? If those things are correct, and since you stated your rebound is already slow, the only thing I can think of is you could...
  7. cowman

    How are the Pros doing in the off-season??

    Aiello won on a trail bike, Fontana isn't real
  8. cowman

    Mini-DH fork - Pike vs. XFusion Sweep

    Agreed. I'd imagine if air can size affects the progressiveness of the spring rate, that it would have at least some influence on how much sag is achieved at a certain air pressure.
  9. cowman

    Iron Horse 6 point setup tips, anyone?

    Sounds like an awesome build, I've always wanted to do something along those lines. A lot of people don't know you can use google for the below search, so I thought I'd throw it out there since craigslist sellers are often willing to ship. Give it a shot...
  10. cowman

    A "Which trail bike thread" with opinions from the DH crowd: Banshee, Yeti, Kona

    Depending on the size, many shops have the Mach 6's in stock already.
  11. cowman

    A "Which trail bike thread" with opinions from the DH crowd: Banshee, Yeti, Kona

    Sounds like you and I are in very similar situations and prefer a similar bike setup. I have a Pivot Mach 6 on the way - take one for a test ride, you will not be disappointed. The DW suspension is incredible.
  12. cowman

    2014 Fox 40 Float FIT Tuning Thread

    One of these does the job pretty cleanly: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/14/71/995/45061/ITEM/Cruz-Tools-Combo-Axle-Wrench.aspx
  13. cowman

    Hafjell (NOR) 2013 World Cup #5

    Kovarik fans out there will enjoy this one: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153155869195524&set=vb.593015523&type=2&theater
  14. cowman

    Best bang for buck completes?

    I'd buy one of these demo Pivots if I were you: http://www.pivotcycles.com/demosale
  15. cowman

    Whistler Village hotels/inns/condos that allow bikes in-room?

    My favorite place to stay for many reasons is Stoney Creek Sunpath. It's centrally located, quick bike ride to the lifts (by the golf course then cut left by the Westin) and each unit has it's own private entry (no front desk to sneak by). Check it out: http://goo.gl/maps/0KFFQ
  16. cowman

    Post your 2013 ride.

    Here's my stable. I'd apologize for the dirt, but I'm not sorry
  17. cowman

    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    Any Pivot Phoenix riders around here? I'm about 195 lbs and curious to hear what rear shock setups others are running with the RC4. I'm toying around with both the 400# and 450# springs while increasing/backing off compression damping accordingly. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  18. cowman

    PM Box is full

    PM Box is full
  19. cowman

    Five Ten Ravens?

    I know they're new, but has anyone had any firsthand experience with them? Fitment? Cleat recess? Impressions? Thanks in advance! Cameron
  20. cowman

    Session 88\New Saint Brake Probs.

    I'm also having this issue with a Session and a Saint caliper. As a former mechanic, I've tried all obvious things. I'm curious if bshelly was ever able to find a solution? Thanks!