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  1. Captain Cogset

    Ride report from Noble Canyon CA with sunny rides

    Just east of San Diego in the Cuyamaca Mountains. One of the few good rides left in San Diego.
  2. Captain Cogset

    Bike Park in Argentina!!!

    Argentina is already on my short list of places to visit. I heard there is a lot of good riding in the area around Bariloche and El Bolson.
  3. Captain Cogset

    bend trails, anyone?

    There probably won't be a whole lot of trails clear of snow or mud in Bend proper the first week of April. That said, there are a couple of short DH runs and jumps on Kline Butte near Redmond. Horse Ridge east of Bend, and Smith Rock North of Redmond will both be clear and have some fun riding...
  4. Captain Cogset

    What the **** is wrong with people?

    I think part of the reason is the media. There has been a long standing media rule/policy where if someone commits suicide they don't give it any media attention. That way people who are thinking of commiting suicide know that there won't be any news stories about it. After Columbine people...
  5. Captain Cogset

    XC Shoes

    I have had a lot of different shoes. Sidi are the best ones I have used, but they are expensive. Specialized and Shimano shoes are also good and usually more reasonably priced. I just ordered a new pair of Shimanos on closeout from Jenson for $79. Shimano shoes and Specialized shoes seem to be a...
  6. Captain Cogset

    12 Mile Super D in Ashland??

    Most of the singletrack is fairly smooth and flowy. There are some sections with brake bumps, rocks or roots. It gets tight and twisty through the trees in several sections. There is a small rock garden about halfway down, but it is pretty easy. A 5 to 6 inch bike would work best. Mark Weir won...
  7. Captain Cogset

    12 Mile Super D in Ashland??

    Looks like the 12mile Super D is a go. I just checked their website and it looks like they finally updated it. http://www.breakawayevents.net/12MileSuperDHome.html
  8. Captain Cogset

    12 Mile Super D in Ashland??

    I hope it is happening, it was a fun race. The promoters around here seem pretty slow about posting details for their races though.
  9. Captain Cogset

    PNW racing series suggestions

    The Mt. Hood DH races this year are now NORBA sanctioned not OBRA, so that is why they aren't listed on the OBRA site. I am not sure if they are on the USA Cycling site yet.
  10. Captain Cogset

    Cannell Plunge first timers, bloody pics inside ;)

    Kernville, CA. Which is in the mountains east of Bakersfield.
  11. Captain Cogset

    Friday’s photo deal

    Gratuitus inside Glacier shot.
  12. Captain Cogset

    Beer companies that advocate MTB

    Deschutes Brewery supports and gives free beer for a lot of the local races here in Oregon. The Portland Brewing Company also donates beer for some of the races. http://www.macsbeer.com/
  13. Captain Cogset

    Mt. Ashland Super D

    Here's a pic of Heidi from a previous post. It is a pretty tame rockgarden.
  14. Captain Cogset

    Mt. Ashland Super D

    The DH course is actually in the middle. Might just have to session stuff. I think there is a lot of switch backs near the end.
  15. Captain Cogset

    Blocking in a XC race

    Unless you are nearing the finish line of the race, I would consider blocking someone from passing you as poor sportsmanship. Road racing and mountain bike racing are different. Road racing involves team strategy, MTB racing is pretty much a solo effort. If you aren't fast enough to stay ahead...
  16. Captain Cogset

    Newest Race Rig

    I thought you were going to get a Yeti to race on. Do they have womens SS race catagories in Colorado or do you have to race against the guys.
  17. Captain Cogset

    NOVA Course

    Last years marathon was 81 miles and around 5400 ft of elevation gain. They claim it was about 1800 ft per lap, and there were three 27 mile loops. There isn't any sustained climbs, it is just up and down, up and down, etc. http://www.teamnova.org/2005NNN/course.html
  18. Captain Cogset

    SeaOtter XC Course

    If the expert xc race is only 30 miles this year then that isn't necessarily a downside. The old expert course was 2 twenty mile laps, which is pretty long for an early season race.
  19. Captain Cogset

    Generic bob trailers?

    I bought a Yakama trailer a few years back from Nashbar for like $160. I think it was on closeout so I don't know if they still make them.