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    Whatever happened to . . . ?

    Hahahaha. I remember that. Read more about his greatness here - x post from Michigan site where these two dudes "worship" him: Author: Dickan Disciple Joined: 15 Feb 2005 Posts: 27 Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 8:04 am Post subject: Mount Sno Race Reprt...
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    Whatever happened to . . . ?

    Yeah, that guy's a classic. There's actually a couple of dudes on one of our Michigan sites that absolutely worship him. Read this for some entertainment: http://highgearracing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1612 You can do a search on there for the two Dickan fans and the posts are, well...
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    Hopey Porn

    Same here - I'm surprised more people don't run them. It improves handling so well, especially in rock gardens and corners. I've had mine for three years and love it. I run a King headset and have never had any problems (had it on a DHI, Giant and V10, getting ready to install it on my 2005...
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    Hopey Porn

    Just received these for our team from Tim Hopey. Totally stoked to be representing such a great company and product. Thanks Tim!
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    bike bag for travel - what do you use?

    Huh? When have the airlines ever made any money :stupid: :D Funny qoute from Warren Buffet when asked at an investment conference: "how can I become a millionaire?" Warren's response: "start with a $billion and buy an airline." For geeks in the finance world (aka me) it was pretty funny...
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    World Masters Championships

    This is confirmed - Sun Peaks August 9-14. I spoke with the promoter a couple of weeks ago. Likely to be a Canada Cup the same weekend, just like old times at Bromont. Bromont had contracted the event until 2006 I believe, but this year they were not willing to come up with any $$ and Sun...
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    So I finally got a full day on my Avalanche DHF-8

    I owned both forks, at the same time. The Avi Ti is is not as light at the 888RC. If I remember correctly it was just over 1lb heavier. A sweet fork for sure, but definitely heavier.
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    my new bicycle

    WOW. Beautiful build! Love the red accents. Very nice :thumb:
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    Anyone using ZTR Freeride Rims?

    Hopefully the guy new what was up and you'll be stylin' the ZTR's soon :thumb: I'm pretty much set on giving them a try as well. To Zedro's question - the weight listed does not include the rim strip. With it the rim weighs-in at around 615g, according to Stans.
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    Anyone using ZTR Freeride Rims?

    You sure? I spoke with Stans last week and was told that they had 50+ of the DH version ready to ship.
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    if you could ban one word from RM...

    "freeride" and "huck" need to die ugly deaths.
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    Fundamentals - Dirt Riding Technique Video

    Got this video a couple of weeks ago. It's excellent. All short clips by many of the top pros on different techniques for all conditions. There is a bike set-up section that's pretty decent as well. It has an Earthed I and II teaser. Earthed II looks really good. This is well worth the money.
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    Are Avy forks that good?

    Did you just ride a 888, or did you ride a 888 that was tuned properly for you? Also, with the aftermarket crowns the 888 was significantly lower than my Avi (both axel to crown and stack height). And, all else being equal, I agree that inverted forks perform better than standard. But in the...
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    Are Avy forks that good?

    I sold an Avi DHF Ti last year and replaced it with a 8" 888. I found that once the 888 was tuned the difference in performance was negligible. However, the Avi provides WAY more tunability (i.e. every compression and rebound click makes a difference), so it was easier to set-up initially and...
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    WC racing & stiff suspension.

    Tomac rode/rides really soft as well. I remember him stating that you should run around 40% sag front and back, and we all know Johnny is the man...
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    Neck injury prevention

    My first post must not have been too clear, as I was making a case for why it does change the mechanics of the impact on the neck. The collar prevents your head from tilting too far forward, thus helping maintain the natural curvature of the neck. The number one cause of cervical spinal...
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    Neck injury prevention

    Since a catastrophic neck injury has led to some serious debate here maybe discussing something that could potentially prevent it makes sense. My biggest fear in DH is ending up paralyzed - much more afraid of that than death actually. I did some research a couple of years ago to see what...
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    Competitive Cyclist

    Has anyone ever done business with them? Their website is: www.competitivecyclist.com/za/CCM?PAGE=HOME I was doing a web search for some hard to find info and came across them. Spoke with one of the owners - he knew his stuff and was very cool. Prices are good too. Any experiences...
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    Those look nice. Is it just the pics, or are they not as bulky as the Intense 3/4 tops?
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    Wish me luck...(Injury Update)

    Damn Diva! That was some nasty damage. Good luck - I bet you'll be back in the saddle rockin' as fast as ever in no time!