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  1. metalMTB

    Where to camp at Snowshoe?

    thanks, i think we are going to camp off mine road. primitive camping should be allowed in wildlife management areas so i think its a safe bet!
  2. metalMTB

    Where to camp at Snowshoe?

    I'm going up to snowshoe for three days at the end of the month with a few friends from the shop. We can't afford a hotel so we are looking for a nearby area to camp. I heard you can't camp at silver creek anymore so that's a bummer. Anyone know a good spot?
  3. metalMTB

    What are you wearing on your elbows?

    the 7ipd and ixs pads look really nice. i can't really seem to find any feedback from anyone though on them. I hate to buy expensive pads without hearing some reviews. I wonder why they aren't more popular.
  4. metalMTB

    Saint 820 cage?

    you should be able to get it by calling shimano. not sure if they will talk to anybody though. you might have to get your lbs to contact shimano. usually they will either send a part or just warranty the whole thing.
  5. metalMTB

    Roco Air on 2012 Demo 8?

    i really wouldn't recommend an air shock on a demo 8. the leverage ratio on the demos is already super high. i think a coil would be better.
  6. metalMTB

    help!! with a weridish problem.

    if your tire is folding then you need more pressure in your tires. it is doing no good for traction when the tread is deformed like that. I think the issue here is weight transfer. You really want the front end as low as you can get it. it is only too low if you can't get your weight back...
  7. metalMTB

    2015 Jedi Build

    cool. i'm hoping to get mine together next week. Just had to send back my cranks. sent me 160s instead of 165's and I need a new upper headset. The finish on these frames is immaculate!
  8. metalMTB

    For DH, is a Thomson seatpost really necessary?

    the raceface atlas i-beam setup is one of the lightest for the price.
  9. metalMTB

    For Sale Raceface Atlas Seatpost and Saddle

    http://www.raceface.com/components/saddle-seatposts/atlas/atlas-i-beam-seatpost/ http://www.raceface.com/components/saddle-seatposts/atlas/atlas-i-beam-saddle/
  10. metalMTB

    Brought to you by Carl's Jr

    wow, i swear if i hear this one more time I'm going to puke. is there like a gang of people who post in threads saying this exact same line over and over again?
  11. metalMTB

    Suspension VASTly improved, without Moar Shimz!

    did someone say shimz? :popcorn:
  12. metalMTB

    DVO Jade Reviews?

    no thanks
  13. metalMTB

    DVO Jade Reviews?

    are you comparing a rear shock to front forks??
  14. metalMTB

    5.10 Impact DH shoes - Wanna bring em back...here's how!

    i've had a pair since 2006. they are still in great shape. although I wouldn't mind a new pair.
  15. metalMTB

    DVO Jade Reviews?

    anyone know anyone riding one? want some reviews!
  16. metalMTB

    Sag OK, bottom out easy on drop to flat.

    a kore handlebar? why?
  17. metalMTB

    Sag OK, bottom out easy on drop to flat.

    shock pumps are notoriously inaccurate. try to get one of the standing floor pumps where can unscrew part of the valve so you don't lose pressure when disconnecting pump. with this kind of valve: i use that at work and its spot on. i hate those stupid hand shock pumps. They lose...
  18. metalMTB

    ESI grips...

    i agree. same reason i buy oury slip-ons instead of lock-ons.
  19. metalMTB

    Strongest DH rims out there (650)

    canfield is going to have a 650b available for 2015
  20. metalMTB

    Sag OK, bottom out easy on drop to flat.

    no need to worry about rebound for this. how does your bike handle fast, repeated hits at high speed? does it run through it's travel quickly? what about dips and just bouncing on the bike? if it's blowing through its travel too much on fast, repeated hits, then turn up the high speed...