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    *SPAM* Commencal demo bike January 10-11th at Fontana

    Commencal will have some demo bikes to test this week-end (January 10-11th) at Fontana at the first round of the Winter series. If you want to test ride something , stop by our pit or PM me.
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    Trail day at ted williams

    OFFICIAL TRAIL DAY AT TED WILLIAMS when: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18TH 2010 time: 9:00AM where: bottom parking area (end of Meadowbrook Ln. in Poway) Once again, we have our trail day at Ted Williams. Please joins us! Understand that your particiaption and showing up on these trails day...
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    trail work number 2 at Ted Williams!

    Hey Guys, sorry we have to re-schedule this trail work for various reasons. If you still feel like giving of your time on Saturday, we invite you to go help our SDMBA friends at the Deerfield Bike Skills Park. They're going to do some work where could a future great bike park. It's this...
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    trail work number 2 at Ted Williams!

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    Reminder: trail work at Ted Williams!

    Lamp, On a side note, I appologize if you felt offended by something we said, I think it was in the context while trying to explain that we should pay more attention in trail design and especially erosion control, no only because rain will ruin the trails but also because it's the condition to...
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    Reminder: trail work at Ted Williams!

    First off, a huge thank you to all who showed up today! 50 people signed in and did an amazing work. Special thanks to SDMBA, iMountainbike, North of the Border, Intense Cycles, Bike Bling, Lambert Photo, Greg Minnar( and his jersey), the guy who donated the pair of 2.5 DH Nevegals...(sorry i...
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    Reminder: trail work at Ted Williams!

    2gungho, thanks for your support. Maybe you'll be able to come next time. We cross posted on different website. I think STR got rid of our post, I believe there's something wrong going on between them Ted Williams...
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    Reminder: trail work at Ted Williams!

    Just a reminder: Trail work at Ted Williams is this Saturday ( January 30th) at 9pm We'll have a raffle and some swag, Thanks to Greg Minaar, Imountain bike, Intense, BikeBling (and maybe some others I forgot) for their support. R.S.V.P...
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    Official trail work at Ted Williams ( 01/30/10 )

    MTB Locos has secured and scheduled an official date to get some trailwork done at Ted Williams. Saturday January 30th, 2010: starting at 9am Location: End of Meadowbrook Lane, Poway. [Google Maps... +92064&z=16] Google map As we all know, there are plenty of unused sections of trail...
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    Ted Williams: wet season update

    Meeting is tba, probably early next year. We'll let you know. Thanks again for your support.
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    Ted Williams: wet season update

    We figured with the recent rain we would throw out a freindly reminder: So basically the trails we all enjoy at Ted Williams fall on DFG (Department of Fish and Game) land, City of San Diego land as well as privately owned land. Since there is no approved legal trail system there, building...
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    What’s going on at TW?

    BTW, we (MTBLOCOS.com) met with all these guys and are going to try to smooth the relations between the MTB community and the DFG and find some kind of agreement. We'll gather and share all the information on our website. Any help is welcome. Help us by spreading the word.
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    What’s going on at TW?

    Thanks for the info. I would really like this place to become a more official bike park.. I think the "secret spot mentality" doesn't help and I would love to see people more involved in SDMBA or other organization to gain access to trails. In the other hands, for the last 6 years i haven't see...
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    BMX track in San Diego

    Cool thanks. I went there a couple times and now I'm hooked. It would be even more fun if more old dudes would race...
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    BMX track in San Diego

    I'm looking to practice a little on a BMX track. is somebody ever ride at the Kearny mesa track? How is it? Is it open to 26inch (a black market singlespeed)? Is there something closer from north county (Carlsbad) ? Thanks.
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    Fontana Winter Series : round 4

    Fun, Fast anf Flowly this week-end at Fontucky.. My girlfriend took few pictures and I posted them on the MTB Locos blog Add any you have from the race. J. www.mtblocos.com
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    4th Annual Mob n Mojave info

    I posted some pictures on mtblocos
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    Trails Map Colaboration

    That's a great idea !
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    BTW thumbs up for whoever mantained the trails there. 6 months ago the DH trail was pretty much f***ed up and now it's a decent trail to practice his gravity. You can park at the crossimg of camino junipero and ??? I assume it's the trailhead, there's a sign at the trail entrance