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    Frame advice, Devinci Wilson, Demo 8 or other?

    I will preface this by saying I am a hack past my prime. But I would say Wilson as well. 5'10" and on a large I almost feel top tube could be longer. The bike can monster truck, but it still corners really well. It was between a demo and a Wilson for me and I just never felt comfortable...
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    Prototype Specialized DH Bike

    Forget the bike. The dude in the foreground is rocking the most epic pose I have ever seen.
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    Mont Sainte Anne (CAN) 2013 World Cup #4

    I would guess some sort of mechanical. Either that or he needs longer chainstays.
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    Mont Sainte Anne (CAN) 2013 World Cup #4

    Gee almost 10 seconds out! Gwin is sniffing around were he should be. Stoked to see how far Gutierrez has come this year. And finally, GO Stevie!!! I love WC, cannot wait foe Sunday.
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    Mont Sainte Anne (CAN) 2013 World Cup #4

    Harts up at this first split!
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    Mont Sainte Anne (CAN) 2013 World Cup #4

    Live timing is almost as exciting as the live race! Wow Blinky!
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    2010 Marzocchi 888 Evo tuning thread

    I would think that either your oil levels are not to spec, or the volume adjuster o-ring is shot. To check the o-ring -Remove your rebound adjuster -slowly remove the volume adjuster (there is a detent ball that will shoot out sideways, so be careful) -undo your top cap, loosen crown bolts...
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    2010 Marzocchi 888 Evo tuning thread

    I would not use more than 5 clicks of the volume adjust (when Ronnie was still at Marzocchi he said using more was causing problems with the fork), if you want more progression add more oil to the damper side 10cc at a time. I weigh 190 lbs with gear and am running a fox blue spring (sits...
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    Maxxis Shorty

    Maxxis, make these available to the public.
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    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    Gee has always looked slow to me for this reason (he is obviously not). Riders who smash through everything also tend to look faster to me as opposed to guys who ride up, over, and around obstacles, using there legs and arms to absorb everything instead of their suspension.
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    Complete Guide to Downhill Rubber

    Maxxis, make this now in a 2.4, or 2.5 and I will buy it. All the good of the Muddy Mary without to stupid angle on the side nobs.
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    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    From Pinkbike Photo description "Aaron Gwin made a few changes for this week following a round of testing back in the USA. He is back on a medium frame but with a custom longer swingarm to better suit his off-the-back style. It arrived just in time, as the track here in Andorra is steep and...
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    rear quadrilateral ondacurveasymmetric

    Ouch that hit a little to close to home.
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    got the new pike...

    I can see why someone would be interested in a dual crown fork in lower travel. Every single crown I have ever had (fox, marz, rockshox) have ended up being creaky. And if the axcel to crown is the same or lower I don't see how there would be any additional stress.
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    Keep running Minion DHF's or try something new?

    Continental Der Baron, best tire I've tried. Better grip than the Minion and lasts way longer.
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    China Peak Pro GRT

    Looks awesome, the second half looks nuts.
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    Bulls - Wild Core Project - new DH bike

    Minus a bb concentric linkage, reminds me of the corsair maelstrom in 8" travel. Despite quality issues the Maelstrom was one of the best riding bikes I ever owned. Very interesting...
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    2014 Fox 40 issue

    You have explained it fine, the negative spring is to stiff for 50 psi to overcome the springrate of the negative spring you have. You need to call fox and ask them what negative spring you need if you want/need to run that low of pressure in the fork. Steve's post above explains this perfectly.
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    Val di Sole (ITA) 2013 World Cup #2

    Bummer, I was hoping I was just looking in the wrong spot. Thanks,