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  1. radjockette

    SST bulldozer date?

    It is final. My friend is at the flowpark as I type. Trees and jumps are being bulldozed down my fellow park lovers. It is a sad day! Think I will have to have a few drinkies to all the awesome sessions I had out there over the years. I hope to hear of a replacement place soon on this forum. I...
  2. radjockette

    Mt Baker Thurs

    I'm down for riding up to Baker with you, if you plan on leaving really early. Remember opening day last year, or was that the year before when it was just insane and just about ran out of tickets. I'm a pow hound, so I was plannning on getting there pretty frickin early. I remember you from...
  3. radjockette

    UW to Snoqualmie/Steven's Shuttle?

    Yeah, Crystal's new chairlift is going to SUCK! It was fine just the way it was.....Hiking for freshies and actually getting them all day long.
  4. radjockette

    i would do anything for love....

    Oh that's so funny! That is the end result of a short video I saw many many years ago. The caption was "life after marriage" and it started off with this hot woman on the bed and slowly she turned into "that." Still makes me laugh! Snappy New Year to you all
  5. radjockette

    There's snow in them thar hills.....

    Aaah! snow, beautiful white snow :D
  6. radjockette

    SST tonight (thurs 27)

    Anyone down for riding tonight at the flowpark? I'll be there somewhere around 430 for a quick session before it gets dark.
  7. radjockette

    Skills camp for local riders?

    How about learning to do tricks off of jumps, ie one footers, one handers, no footers, no handers, table tops. How about a private lesson or maybe just three riders max?
  8. radjockette

    what happened to that Oly thread?

    Ride tomorrow, Thursday, near tiger for some stuntage! :evil:
  9. radjockette

    Buy and Sell (PNW specific)

    For sale '99 Stinky Deelux special edition color scheme (copper/red swing arm) Small frame No brakes Rhyno lite rims fox r coil 500# Jr. T 01 (standard axle) splined holzfeller cranks with bash guard Shimano deore dt tioga tires $600 Selling for a friend who is in need of a...
  10. radjockette


    "Some like it hot, Skookum likes it red."
  11. radjockette

    New Pic of Wall Ride at Falls City

    That is one sweeet wall ride :drool: wicked!
  12. radjockette

    Tacoma, WA MTB Riding?

    south seatac flowride park and softies only 25minutes away!!!
  13. radjockette

    Raining in Central Washington

    yep, it quit raining in snoqualmie around noonish today. Trails were fine although all that overgrown foliage made for wet shoes and clothing. The log rides were a blast to ride today; lots of :D
  14. radjockette

    North Bend Riding Directions

  15. radjockette

    AC/DC meet...Hells Belles

    Yeah......those girls do a great job. Seen them twice here in Washington state and they just ROCK. The scene is damn crazy and wild. Very nice pics. Can't wait to check them out again when they get back here with their new lead singer; she's hot!
  16. radjockette

    Poll Skookums is a

    I think it's his hair swooshing in the wind that makes those scary noises
  17. radjockette

    South Seatac riders take note.

    You're on!! :dancing: Will be nice to finally meet you since we never hooked up during that lame snowboarding season. Depending on how tall you are, I have a trail bike you could ride. It's a small frame which fits me fine at 5'5". PM me for details and times. By the way, nice avatar...
  18. radjockette

    South Seatac riders take note.

    This is all so freaky. I've been away from sst for about a month, but I was heading there late mornings during the week quite often. During that time, all seemed "normal." I've run into woman walking their dogs, to men walking dogs, and joggers. All seems "safe" to me, but after hearing all...
  19. radjockette

    Is it time to go home yet!?!?!?!

    Aah, hot tub. Six wires to run through some flex and she's ready to go :p and one more short week of work and vacation time
  20. radjockette


    Those creatures are pesty enough, and now with the scare of west nile virus, I will be putting on the deet repellent no matter how bad it smells. Fortunately I usually ride way before dusk so I don't run into lots of them. Yesterday at SST, I didn't run into any around the noonish hour. Even...