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  1. John Sullivan`

    rotec bikes?

    Hey Its Sully and yes Rotec is alive and well. New Site coming but checkout: facebook.com/roteccycles for some tasty bits you can reach me at: roteccycles@gmail.com 425-220-8663
  2. John Sullivan`

    small womens dh bike

    Hey Rat, 21.5 inch for the TT measurement. Thats from the center of the post to center of the headtube with effective (virtual) is 22.0 with approx 3 inch of post showing. Headtube is 5 inch, zero-stack height is 5"1/8 and with cups overall HT is 6".25. Head angle is 65deg...
  3. John Sullivan`

    Big Boys and their suspension setups...

    Squirrel, Why didn't you bring it in for a factory referb this past winter??
  4. John Sullivan`

    Yo Mike, Sully here, hows life man! Enjoying the snow?? You or Brian still got any of...

    Yo Mike, Sully here, hows life man! Enjoying the snow?? You or Brian still got any of your RL's with out the gusset on the seat? Might have a buyer from down under interested? Let me know ok?
  5. John Sullivan`

    Rotec Mech Hangers

    Attention all Rotec RL9 Owners!! All new Derailleur hangers now available! These new hangers are stronger and now offer a revised B-tension tab that is now longer and thicker to eliminate tab breakage. Mounting hardware is included. Tee shirts and lids are now in btw. Check the...
  6. John Sullivan`

    Rotec RL9 rear hub

    All of the RL9s are 150mm rear spacing. Due to our intergrated rear floater that shares the same space as the hub you will require a hub that has a 150 hub shell but utllizes a 137mm axle (tube). What this means is that the disc side of the hub must be flush (ie: no extension of the axle...
  7. John Sullivan`

    Hey stranger! hows life treating you these days?

    Hey stranger! hows life treating you these days?
  8. John Sullivan`

    Rotec parts in the UK????

    Hi Jay, I responded to your email last email ( I only recieved one) on the 29th of Jan regarding your bits and decals along with my paypay account info. But had yet to recieve a response to that. I've shipped several items overseas to customers during this time that include bearings...
  9. John Sullivan`

    any advantages to the lawwill suspension?

    Hey all, I have to say that when I came across this thread yesterday I was pleasantly surprised! Its not often that theres so much chatter about the Lawwill design or the rotec in general. Though I am stoked, I'm always abit hesitant to discuss matters regarding our stuff as sometimes...
  10. John Sullivan`

    Info on ROTEC RL9 (2006/7) please!

    Hey Jay, Sully here from Rotec, thanks for supporting the brand with your purchase! Even if its used. As for fitting the DHX's, if its an 06 and it has a tube that the SS pivot bolt passes thru then NO they won't fit, unless they're upside down. If its an 07, that part has been removed...
  11. John Sullivan`

    Beacon Blowout 2008 photo blowout

    I would say yes, in some instances when the rear is set-up soft, the older frames (such as this one) may make contact with the seattube. It was never a major concern with most our customers, not to say it wasn't an issue with me though. Most part they knew that it could happen. They...
  12. John Sullivan`

    2008 Rotec RL9 W/ Remote Avalanche DHS

    All I can say is sprung weight ;)
  13. John Sullivan`

    the gearbox thread

    nsm, you don't want to know. Lets just say its 1st article effort and the next ones will be worthy of weight disclosures. Its really wasn't important to me, the weight that is on these two frames. In the end, it's very important that this design does meet what we deem, an acceptable...
  14. John Sullivan`

    the gearbox thread

    2nd gen proto will have a slightly higher tt so the shock can be flipped back into the correct ( in my eyes) resi up and forward postion. Still have't decided yet if it will be a straight tube as some have suggested though. Kinda like the curved tt look. And yes the design does lend itself to...
  15. John Sullivan`

    2008 Rotec RL9 W/ Remote Avalanche DHS

    You should be able to loose at least another pound or so by using lighter cranks, those saints are heavy. Doesn't Shimano offer another DH worth crankset? The bikes built up great guys, good job! Let me know how the sizing and geo feels to you.
  16. John Sullivan`

    Newbie here

    Yeah it sure seem like history now, don't it?? Hey guys, hi ya Kev.......good to see some still have spark for the ol moto-link stuff. Epic you're in a small class of ol skoolers that still love their old bikes. Yours look to be in good shape, it even looks familiar.....how long have you...
  17. John Sullivan`

    When things don't go right ! -- The crash thread

    OUCH! That had to hurt!!
  18. John Sullivan`

    Sub 40lb Custom Gearboxx Bike

    Hey HF, It was a pleasure meeting you down at the Otter! Sorry I didn't get chance to catch up with you later in the weekend to see how things went. Sounds like you had a successful showing, great job! As for the KVR, I got to do a few runs on course on fri and sat with it but no race...
  19. John Sullivan`

    Large Bikes for Big Dudes - top tupe lengths.

    Wow is right! Back in the day all anybody could say were that Rotecs had stupid long CS's at 18 inch now it seems its back and in vogue with some mfg's go figure.
  20. John Sullivan`

    Big Dh Frames

    hey Inclag! What up bro, how's the ride doing? Glad to see you on your new ride! Keep in touch, Sully