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  1. santacruzed

    Pee Wee's Work Days and Pics

    creek gap........the guy in the grey (mike) is the mastermind......
  2. santacruzed

    Dark Mtn DH Course Improved - Pics

    or you could just get in shape?:help:
  3. santacruzed

    Windrock Update Thread

    probably alot of people that the first drop in at windrock would do that to also:hot:
  4. santacruzed

    pee wees

    stomach virus..........boy i love public edukaton......dirt jump and i think some more flow trail stuff going down this weekened...prob saturday and sunday.. check www.da-drop.com forums
  5. santacruzed

    pee wees

    yeah make sure you guys come out tomorrow.....so you can actually help support what you ride
  6. santacruzed

    pee wees

    That's really lame.
  7. santacruzed

    pee wees

    I think yours is just as good or maybe it should be gooder??
  8. santacruzed

    pee wees

    that's what most people call preperation
  9. santacruzed

    pee wees

    talk to mike at clarks.....he runs everything....some of us from hky i think are going to get the dirt jumps up and running here pretty soon
  10. santacruzed

    Anyone Riding this weekend?

    its a drug test not a grammer test..........everyone's piss has the same intelligence.
  11. santacruzed

    SpringMonkeyFest 2006!

    Now are we talking epic "big bikeable" or epic "clipless and under 3 inches of travel"?
  12. santacruzed

    Pics from a new park in Greensboro

    nice work guys
  13. santacruzed

    windrock trail construction update.

    yeah...good luck on the trail map......i saw a map of the whole area (a 3' x 3' map) and the DH zone was about 6" x 6"......
  14. santacruzed

    Wilson's Creek, who knows it?

    contact one of us on www.da-drop.com there are always rides being formed
  15. santacruzed

    Any STL riders?

    that looks like 50% of the trucks in hky :)
  16. santacruzed

    hickhucksters in denver this weekend?

    yeah we went today.....missed a hell of a time.....wishihadmoney....nice run of them all at the end of the day there......you were killin it on that squishy
  17. santacruzed

    hickhucksters in denver this weekend?

    damn....i thought i could hide my dirty little secret :) NOOOOOO!!!!!!:sneaky: :p
  18. santacruzed

    Any STL riders?

    you might want to check here for people in Missouri.........just a thought http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=35
  19. santacruzed

    hickhucksters in denver this weekend?

    sarcasim check on aisle #5...........sarcasim check on aisle #5 you deserve to die :)