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  1. legend_killer

    North Carolina?

    check out www.TriangleMTB.com
  2. legend_killer

    quick 10mb dj video

    cool JT
  3. legend_killer

    Underground Super D Event

    I'm down
  4. legend_killer

    2006 Beauty and The Beast

    Hot- SWD
  5. legend_killer

    New THE One Helmet

    the THE helmet is a vigor
  6. legend_killer

    Rare frames and components?????

    thats a Risse fork, looks like a champ risseracing.com
  7. legend_killer

    Rare frames and components?????

    SWD Racing
  8. legend_killer

    light shuttle rig

    SWD 6Gun http://www.swdracing.com/6gun.html
  9. legend_killer


    haromtnbiker is racerish :rolleyes: ;)
  10. legend_killer

    Wat should i practice bunny hops on

    http://www.eengoedidee.nl/parsefiles/?type=mountainbike&filename=jt_239.avi http://www.eengoedidee.nl/videoz/mountainbike/jt_238.avi progression
  11. legend_killer

    When is a lifted truck too big????

    body lifts are stupid, that truck is stupid. now I'm not knocking 4wheelin' but trucks like that are what make 4x4 people look bad. on the subjet of body lifts... body lift throw everything out of whack, and shouldn't exced 3'' FYI: I'm not talk out my ass, I happen to own my share...
  12. legend_killer

    Best rear suspension design

    forward single pivot
  13. legend_killer

    Not my frame...

  14. legend_killer

    24 inches of love

    most street and dirt jumping, I'm gonna run a 65mm Z1 and 2'' riser bars
  15. legend_killer

    Enduro Seals

    he was talking bout all enduro seals are the same design
  16. legend_killer

    24 inches of love

    hey how do this specs look for a 24'' frame.... HA- 71* SA- 71* TT- 22'' BB- 12'' CS- 14.5'' its for my new SWD hardtail
  17. legend_killer

    24 inches of love

    is that a 65mm NP Z1?
  18. legend_killer

    fuquay trails (56k killer)

    pm sent
  19. legend_killer

    my fake bmx

    FUNN makes the fork http://www.funnmtb.com/
  20. legend_killer

    fuquay trails (x-post from bmx)

    I can't remember off hand but I think murphy knows, I know there near the fuquay jumps, I'm thinking bout going out there tomarrow, you game?