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  1. DORO

    xc around Angel Fire

    Anyone have any good information that is internet safe? Thanks
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    The Ridemonkey no context thread.

  3. DORO

    any phish fans there

  4. DORO

    Beating the cold streets of Iceland #Video

    your on fire kid. keep up the good work!!:thumb:
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    CT: 27 dead including 18 kids in CT school shooting. There are no words - WTF?!

    I'm getting real sick of hearing the car vs. gun anology. It is such a bull **** attempt to compare the two. Apples and f^cking oranges. The fact is there is no easy answer. The fact is a mother gave access to firearms to an unstable child. The fact is the mother probably needed help...
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    CT: 27 dead including 18 kids in CT school shooting. There are no words - WTF?!

    Why is that they always kill themselves after the devistation they create. I want him alive and justice be served. So f'd up.
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    Tragedy Strikes

    This just happened this past Sunday near my house. I was out riding on the 250f with a few other friends and while we where enjoying ourselves a young kid was hit head on with another dirtbike close by. The other rider left the scene and did not report it to police or get help. Police found...
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    Random Picture Thread

    reminds of looking down main st. in downtown burlington vt.
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    The Ridemonkey no context thread.

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    ...it's a YouTube extravaganza!

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    Elmo quits

    so wrong...just so so wrong...lol!!
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    Random Picture Thread

    This Guy! Rep too who can tell me where this og is from.
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    Elmo quits

    Atleast it wasn't big bird, that would have been weird.
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    So I let my friend tattoo me in my bedroom

    and this whole time I thought it was just a really chill pig!
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    Little Monkeys

    sweep the leg Johnny!
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    Lucent Mtn Bike Reel *video content*

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    Random Picture Thread

    that must have been a hell of a night out at the foxy lady.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Rhode Island called they want there strippers back
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    i got a new job, now i need a fun way to quit

    i would add ecstacy to the LSD equation/clown costume. Candy flip and do the river dance on the counter.